My own very unofficial 10K: Race Report!

My own very unofficial 10K: Race Report!

Why a 10K?
Sunday night I looked ahead at what this week’s marathon training had in store.  With my last 21 miler done and the Little Rock Marathon just around the corner I knew I was in the home stretch of my training.  I am sort of using a cross between Hal Higdon’s back to back marathon training and a little of Pete Pfitzinger’s from Advanced Marathoning.   Pete’s schedule included running 9 miles as the hard run of the week with 6-7 miles at 10K pace.  I really, really don’t like 10K’s.  I have run 3 (2 in high school and 1 two years ago) and I felt awful during them all.  Basically I started like I was running a 5K and then just hung on for dear life.  Not exactly the best 10K racing strategy which is why I have always hated them. Anyway, when Pete’s schedule called for one at the end of this week I immediately went to to see if there were any nearby 10K’s this weekend.  No such luck. There are not a lot of racing options when you live in the middle of Arkansas.  So I decided to race my own 10K at the track.  You can’t beat a 10K that is close, convenient and FREE!

Going into the race
The first part of this week felt so easy compared to last week.  I had 2 easy runs, a track workout and a cross training day.  Last night my legs felt fresh. They were ready for a challenge.  I prepared mentally as if it were an actual official race.  I ran 2 miles with my friend to warm up. She was doing a 9 mile tempo run at the track so at least I would have company out there.  My pre-race goal was to run around my last 10K time (41:42) and average in the 6:40’s.  I tend to run faster in a race environment though so I didn’t know exactly what to expect.  I also wanted to start slower than my last 10K!

Mile 1- 6:33.  This was a little faster than I planned on starting but I felt good.  The pace felt slow compared to all the 800’s I’ve been running lately. (Of course, with the 800’s I get to rest after 2 laps and today I had to keep going!)

Mile 2- 6:26. Found my pace and got in the zone.
Mile 3- 6:21. My 5K split was actually 19:59 and I was still feeling really good.  I challenged myself to keep up the pace to see if I could break 40 minutes.
Mile 4- 6:22. Feeling good and thinking positive!
Mile 5- 6:24. I knew if I just stayed with it 1 more mile I could break 40!
Mile 6- 6:15. Almost there!
Mile 6.2- 1:12 (6:05 pace)

Total time for my unofficial 10K: 39:37 (6:24 average pace)

Can I count this as a new PR?
You bet I am! Yes, I KNOW it was run on a nice flat track AND it was 100% unofficial but I’m counting it!

A little FYI- I AM planning on running a legitimate 10K in April… 🙂

12 thoughts on “My own very unofficial 10K: Race Report!

  1. YOU. ARE. AMAZING. OH my! Congrats! Oh, I want your time! Not even close! I’m going to use lots of !!!!!! in this comment because this is pretty dang exciting. Without an official race even. Nope, couldn’t do it. Seriously kick butt girl. And AFTER 4 kids. 4! Sheesh, hope you are celebrating all weekend long. Can’t wait to see what your next marathon is. I predict a great one.

  2. Beautiful time! I have not run a 10k since right after my first marathon (brand new runner, almost two years ago) – I was SO PROUD to run under 48 minutes! I have no idea what my time would be like now, but probably worse than McMillan tells me it should be…I really need to work on shorter distances.

  3. Crazy fast!!! You amaze me! I do love track running – my times are always better. OK, not Tia fast (best I’ve done is a 7:30 mile – singular) and 8:00 paced 5K. Can’t wait to hear how you do with your 10K race!

  4. Holy Crap Tia!!! You continue to AMAZE Me!!! this i AWESOME!! wow. I want this time so bad too! I am hoping before the end of this year! you are just SO fast!!!
    you should be so stinkin’ proud of yourself!!!
    way tot go!!!

  5. What an awesome pace, so impressive!! I’ve only done a handful of 10k’s and they are not my favorite either. I really struggle to know how to pace myself and am dying by the end. Way to get faster with each mile–you nailed it!

    1. Thanks Laura. This was my first time to actually enjoy racing one and I think it’s because I treated it as a distance race in my head. (strategy-wise) Anyway, hopefully I can duplicate this next time! btw- I just found you on twitter! 🙂

  6. Good job! I wish I had your speed and mental strength. I ran a real 10K this weekend with a sub-43 goal (previous PR of 44:15). I was on pace for the first 3 miles, then I got lost for about 1/2 mile and after that I broke down mentally and didn’t even come close to my goal. Also, it was a SMALL race which meant I was still in the lead and couldn’t push myself against anyone because I knew I was going to win even if I slowed way down. I’m already looking to improve my strategy for my next 10K, whenever that will be. Good luck with your goals. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.

    1. Thanks Jill! It is so hard to overcome negativity sometimes. I ran a half this fall that I completely gave up mentally and got SO discouraged. It was awful and ever since then I have tried to keep positive thoughts going. Starting slower and negative splitting seems to do the trick. When I go out too fast I break down physically and mentally. Thanks again for checking my blog! 🙂

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