Tapering & Training

Tapering & Training

Exactly one week from today I am running in my 4th marathon.  That means this week is my least favorite week of all… The final taper week.  This is typically the week that I question my training, my ability, my racing strategy and my sweet tooth. (For some reason, eating any and all desserts is not as fun when you’re not running as much. Go figure.)

Am I ready?
I do feel more prepared for the Little Rock Marathon than I did for Houston. Six weeks ago I didn’t know how my body would respond to pacing 26.2 miles in the 7:30’s.  I didn’t know if I would get to mile 20 and realize that my tank was empty.  So, I guess you could say that I am more confident this time around.  I know it is a different course (more hills) but I am really not feeling that anxious or worried.  At least not right now… 

As usual, I am sure I have over analyzed my pacing strategy I will be posting on this later. 

So now we come to my training for this “mini” training cycle.  I must resist the urge to do more this week.  I repeat- I must resist the urge to do more this week.  I have done all the hard work.  Time to relax, rest and get ready… It’s almost time…


Training between Houston Marathon and Little Rock Marathon
Week 1-
Sun. 1/15- 26.2 m @ 7:36  (Houston Marathon)
Mon. 1/16- Off (I did walk around A LOT at the airport to loosen up sore muscles…)
Tue. 1/17- Off
Wed. 1/18- Off
Thur. 1/19- Off
Fri. 1/20- 5 m @ 8:27
Sat. 1/21- 10 m @ 8:20
Total Miles: 41

Week 2-
Sun. 1/22- Off
Mon. 1/23- 6.5 m @ 7:55
Tue. 1/24- 8 m @ 7:55
Wed. 1/25- 6 m @ 7:21 (First marathon paced run since marathon and it was HARD. I felt awful.)
Thur. 1/26- 6.5 m @ 8:04 (Felt a little better.)
Fri. 1/27- 12 m @ 8:02
Sat. 1/28- 8 m @ 7:49 (Felt great!)
Total Miles: 47

Week 3-
Sun. 1/29- Off
Mon. 1/30- 8 m @ 7:45 (last 2 m were 6:30-ish pace)
Tue. 1/31- 16 m @ 8:05
Wed. 2/1- 4 m @ 8:13
Thur. 2/2- Off
Fri. 2/3- Off
Sat. 2/4- 11 w/ 9.3 @ 6.51 (15 K race- felt great!)
Total Miles: 39 (I had planned on more miles but when I decided to race I opted for fresh legs which meant taking off Thursday and Friday.  So glad I rested too because I felt great on race day!)

Week 4-

Sun. 2/5- Off
Mon. 2/6- 8.5 m @ 8:11
Tue. 2/7- 10 m @ 8:13
Wed. 2/8- 3.5 m @7:40
Thur. 2/9- 8 w/ 8 x 800 (3:09, 3:08, 3:08, 3:08, 3:07, 3:08, 3:08, 3:01). My goal was to keep the 800’s between 3:05 and 3:10 with the exception of my last one.  For the final 800 I just gave it all I had.
Fri. 2/10- 2 m on elliptical (legs were achy and I thought cross training would be a smarter choice than running since I have a 20 miler tomorrow.)
Sat. 2/11- 21.2 @ 7:48 (20 degrees and WINDY!)
Total Miles: 53

Week 5-
Sun 2/12- Off
Mon. 2/13- 7 @ 7:59
Tue. 2/14- 6 w/ 6 x 800 (3:05, 3:11, 3:08, 3:07, 3:05, 3:01)
Wed. 2/15- 3 elliptical
Thur. 2/16- 7 @ 8:08
Fri. 2/17- 9 w/ 6.2 @ 6:24 (10K track race)
Sat. 2/18- 14 @ 7:55
Total Miles: 46

Week 6-
Sun. 2/19- Off
Mon. 2/20- 5 @ 7:46
Tue. 2/21- 6 w/ 3 x 1 mile (6:06, 6:04, 5:57)
Wed. 2/22- 4 @ 7:31
Thur. 2/23- 8 @ 7:44
Fri. 2/24- 11.5 @ 8:28 (WINDY!)
Sat. 2/25- Off
Total Miles: 34.5

Week 7- Last week of training!!

Sun. 2/26- 5 @ 7:32
Mon. 2/27- 4 easy
Tue. 2/28- 4 w/ 4 x 400
Wed. 2/29- Off
Thur. 3/1- 4 w/ 2 @MRP
Fri. 3/2- Off
Sat. 3/3- 2 easy

Sun. 3/4- Little Rock Marathon!!

Coming up… 
My Pacing Plan: Realistically Dreaming Big

17 thoughts on “Tapering & Training

    1. Sure thing Tina! I have never raced marathons this closely together so it was a learning process. I actually liked it but I guess we’ll see how I do Sunday to know whether my body could handle it ok or not! I know many seasoned runners often do back to back (within 2 weeks) of each other. Not sure if I will ever try that but I’ve learned to never say never when it comes to running!

  1. Looks like you’re well-trained and ready! I was also curious about training between marathons. Try to enjoy the taper week… I know it’s tough sometimes!

  2. I am running my first marathon on Saturday…yikes! I feel nervous and prepared at the same time. It is helpful to know that you feel the same way. I enjoy reading your posts and find lots of encouragement from your honesty!

  3. You got this Tia!! I know you’re going to do so great. You’ve properly rested after your last marathon and your training after that is right where it needs to be. I know you don’t like taper week but, having rested, fresh legs at the beginning of a marathon is soo worth it!! hang in there girl!! looking forward to how well I know you’re going to do! ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Wow! I just found your post off of Mile Posts. You are just as inspirational as is Dorothy! I’m a 35 yr old mom of 3 little ones (3.5 yrs, 2.5 yrs, and 9 weeks old). I’m hoping to become a better runner. I’m 9 weeks post partum now and my long run has been about 6 miles @ a 9 minute/mile. I’m planning on running my 2nd half marathon this May. 1st half I finished in 2:01:56. I’ve never followed a training plan or have done any speed work/tempo runs. Any advice? I’ve been looking at Furmans FIRST 3-day/week half training plan and may do this starting next week. Is it all in the mind as far as getting faster? I want to so badly but not sure if my body will let me.

    1. Hi Laura!! I was right where you are last year at this time. I was so anxious to get back out there and start racing! It sounds like you are on the right track. My best advice is to build up a solid base- don’t add more than 10% per week (mileage-wise). I started adding in speed one day a week in the form of tempo runs. I did these around my goal half marathon pace. I am a big fan of Yasso 800’s so that is my usual track workout but I do occasionally change it up with mile repeats. A typical week for me has 2 easy runs, 1 long run, 1 tempo and 1 track workout and 1 cross training or very easy run day. I take off 1-2 days running a week. (sometimes I do the elliptical on one of those off days). Thanks for checking out my blog. Congrats on your newest addition!

  5. I spent all day with this open..haha. Just now had time to look through at all the details on your weeks between marathons. It’s fascinating to me to see what you did! There were some fast (I assume aerobic ?) runs between your workouts…the ones in the 7’s. I am wondering if those were MP with a warm up?
    Was this a Pfitz marathon to marathon training plan?
    Really enjoyed looking though this. ๐Ÿ™‚

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