Month: February 2012

Determining My Marathon Race Pace

Before running a marathon, most people have a time goal in mind.  (Especially if you have already run a marathon before at some point.) After months of hard work and training, you have a somewhat realistic idea of what time you might finish in.  I have a few friends running in the Little Rock Marathon this weekend who are running

Tapering & Training

Exactly one week from today I am running in my 4th marathon.  That means this week is my least favorite week of all… The final taper week.  This is typically the week that I question my training, my ability, my racing strategy and my sweet tooth. (For some reason, eating any and all desserts is not as fun when you’re

How NOT to Train for a Marathon

Last year at this time I was training for the Boston Marathon.  I also had a one month old baby.  Basically from the time my son was born via c-section I had 13 weeks until the marathon.  Subtract 4 weeks for recovery and that left 9 weeks to train for a marathon.  If you are wondering if you can safely

My own very unofficial 10K: Race Report!

Why a 10K?Sunday night I looked ahead at what this week’s marathon training had in store.  With my last 21 miler done and the Little Rock Marathon just around the corner I knew I was in the home stretch of my training.  I am sort of using a cross between Hal Higdon’s back to back marathon training and a little

My Perfect Valentine’s Day Includes…

1. Waking up next to the one (or ones) I love. 2. My favorite four kiddos.  3. Running 800 repeats at the track. (Last set before marathon!) 4. Roses from a sweetheart. 5. A fancy dinner with my favorite people. 6. A dance party with fun music. 7.  Being married to the one I love.  

All By Myself & Running for Sherry

Usually I look forward to 20 mile runs… I don’t do them often- just in a marathon training cycle so it is sort of an extra treat.  If you like long distance running you know what I mean.  The night before a long run I get my fuel belt ready and make sure my watch and ipod are charged.  I

My Little Rock Marathon Training (so far)… and other random thoughts

Well, this marks my first and last “hard” week of training for the Little Rock Marathon.  Houston and Little Rock are 7 weeks apart and I am right in the middle of them now. I have only ever raced two other marathons before Houston and they were separated by ten years so having two planned 7 weeks apart is a

The River Trail 15K- Race Report

If you would have asked me last week what I knew about a 15K I would have had to stop for a second and add up the distance in my head.  I had never even heard of a race this distance- 9.3 miles.  As mentioned in an earlier post, during my run on Monday, one of my friend’s mentioned the

February 5th- One of My Favorite Days of the Year!

Today is my sweetie’s birthday so that makes this an extra special day around this house! We will be having his favorite foods- fried potatoes with pinto beans.  I am baking his favorite cake- yellow cake with white icing. Same menu every year! John is such a blessing in my life and I cannot imagine where I would be without

When do races get in the way of training?

I love to run but I also love to race.  I must confess that if there is a race that is affordable and nearby I will most likely be running in it!  Of course, it is not always up to me.  If you are a mom you know what I mean.  I am at a stage in my life that