The week AFTER the Marathon

The week AFTER the Marathon

It has just about been one week since my big race.  Life is starting to get back to normal.  The first two days back home were the hardest.  I went from everything revolving around running (the Olympic trials, my marathon) back to reality.  Reality involves a lot of laundry, dishes and of course, kiddos… Four to be exact!  I love my babies but it is a BIG job. 

I bought this little plaque at the Houston Marathon Expo.  I thought is was very fitting!

After the race I was extremely sore for about 3 days.  I decided to take a few days off and let my body and mind relax.  John had a busy week at work planned so me not running fit well into the equation.  The first few days I really didn’t miss it but by Wednesday I was starting get the itch.  By Thursday I was ready to get back out there.  My first run was Friday morning.  I went an easy 5 with a friend.  (Right now my easy run pace is between 8-8:30.) It felt surprisingly good. Still a little sore but nothing unmanageable.

This morning my daughter had a friend’s birthday party to go to that was about 30 minutes from our house.  Instead of dropping her off and coming home, then going back (and wasting 1 hour in the car) I decided to stay there and run while she was at the party.  I ran the idea by John who thought that made sense.  He kept the younger 3 at home and I took Abi to the party.  Then I headed out in uncharted territory! I ran 10 miles all together.  It was very different not going on one of my usual routes.  The first 8 felt pretty easy but I could tell my body was tired on the last 2 miles. 

Tonight I made out the rest of my training schedule.  The Little Rock Marathon is 6 weeks from tomorrow.  I have been warned by many that it is not a PR course (very hilly) but honestly I am just embracing the challenge.  I am going to be working in some hills between now and then in my training so hopefully I will be prepared! I know many do back to back marathons but this will be the closest I’ve ever raced 26.2 miles together.

What/ how often do you typically run the week after a marathon?
Have you ever run more than one marathon in one training cycle?

7 thoughts on “The week AFTER the Marathon

  1. I’ve only run 4 marathons so I don’t have a set way of doing things. I suppose a week is good. 🙂 This year I ran Newport in June crashed and then 4 weeks later (after swearing I’d never do another marathon as long as I lived) I did another for fun and it ended up being a better one that before. I used the Pete Pfitzinger Advanced Marathoning 4 week back to back marathon plan. Good luck!! and yes, Motherhood is surely an endurance sport.

  2. 6 weeks to the next, good gracious!!
    Been following Higden’s recovery plan – 2 miles on Thurs, 3 yesterday. I’ve been cheating and spending lots of time on my exercise bike – I just can’t help myself. Not too sore after Houston, had to work the next day and felt almost normal. Just goes to show that I’m ready to push harder! I’m back on my training program in another week for Big Sur (4/29).

  3. Great plaque! I did something similar after my first (and only) marathon too. Never done more than one in a cycle. I’m still trying to decide if I want to squeeze in a full this spring… after watching all those full marathoners finish in Houston, I am so tempted!

  4. I’ve only done one marathon and basically didn’t run at all the week after. I walked a few times and that was just great to get the knots out.

  5. Well, I just had my first run today (3 days after). Totally could feel my legs, but it was ok! Definitely taking it slow.

    I’m not running another marathon until May. I am quite injury prone, so it’s best for me to wait a few months before jumping right back in. Plus, I need a little bit of a mental break.

  6. Great Golly, you are a brave woman! I am just now sure i have what it takes to even race a marathon how I want to. If Anyone can do this, you can!

    I will be anxiously awaiting how you do this 🙂

    Great sign! So true!

    I found out that Clif is pacing Eugene…considering that a bit. None of their pacers are where I would hope to be though.

  7. Oh- and I usually wait until thursday after a sunday race. But I have only done 2 marathons. Boston was different. I had to drain a toenail and waited too long to do the job.

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