The Olympic Trials and Track Me!

The Olympic Trials and Track Me!

Today was an amazing day to be a runner. The Olympic trials for men and women were this morning and we were there for it all!! The athletes ran a 2.2 mile loop and then did one eight mile loop three times. We stood right by mile markers 2,10,18 and 26 (it was all at the same place). I got so many great pictures of all the top runners and we were so close to it all! Halfway through the race my friend and I went on a quick 2 mile jog to loosen up for tomorrow. At one point we were running along side a non-crowded marathon course section. Just a few feet to our right all the male runners were coming the opposite direction- Meb, Ryan Hall. We were right there!! We saw the men and women finish. A friend I ran with in college, Janet Cherubom-Bawcom ran in the Olympic trials today and she came in 5th overall in 2:29!!! She finished ahead of Deena Kastor! Janet was a dark horse and she did phenomenal! It was an amazing experience and I have lots of great pics once I get home to post them.

As far as my big race… I have all my gear layed out and a wake-up call scheduled for 5:15. Yikes!! My bib number is: 2188 if anyone wants to track me. I desperately want to have a good experience and run a race I can be proud of. I’m ready… Just breathe!!

7 thoughts on “The Olympic Trials and Track Me!

  1. Awesome that a former team-mate/running friend did so well! Incredible!

    Glad you had a great day, Tia! You are ready for this!!! I’ll be tracking you 🙂

  2. Thank you so much ladies!! It was hard but I managed to finish with a 3:19:18!! I am ecstatic!! Halfway through I caught up to the 3:20 pace group and my goal was to stick with them at least through 25 or 26 and then kick it in to go sub 3:20. It really helped running with that group. I moved ahead of them at mile 25 and my goal was to stay in front of them. When we finished I hugged the pace leader woman. She did great! More to come on the blog when I get home! Thanks for your encouragement!!

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