It’s Houston, Baby!!!

It’s Houston, Baby!!!

We made it! The past 24 hours have been busy! We had Ashton’s 1 year birthday party last night and then it was time to switch gears and start race packing. This morning I finished all the packing (it takes a while packing up 6 people) and then this afternoon John, Ashton and I flew to Houston. The three big kids are with Nana and Papa. We are so thankful to live by them! The flight from Little Rock to Houston was not long (1 hr and 15 min) but traveling with a baby is HARD! It was Ashton’s first time to fly and he had a hard time during take-off. After a few rough minutes he nursed and then fell asleep and thankfully slept the rest of the flight. And here we are… It’s MARATHON time!!

Tomorrow morning we are heading over to the Olympic trials race course to see some FAST runners! I am looking forward to that. Then we will head to the expo and meet up with my two friends and their families who are also here. The marathon starts at 7 Sunday morning but I need to be at Corral A by 6:40. I’m so ready to run!

This taper phase has been long. I know I needed to rest and lower the mileage but I have really missed all the miles. I keep questioning my fitness and my readiness for this race. Can I do it? Will I hit the wall? Can I stay focused and positive? My biggest fear is a repeat of the Soaring Wings Half Marathon I ran in October. I do not want to get so discouraged mentally that I feel like giving up. I want to stay positive and in the zone. I would love another race like my most recent half marathon in December. That was just a perfect race in every way. I’be got to stay positive!!

So here are my marathon race goals. It’s hard to know exactly what I can do because I have not run a marathon in over 2 years. I don’t have a lot of marathon experience.

A Goal:
Run a sub 3:20. I know this is a little ambitious considering my last marathon and current PR is a 3:35 but based on my current half time and every marathon prediction calculator out there this is a very realistic goal. I had a lot left at the end of my last marathon. My last few miles were my fastest but I had set a conservative pace since I had no idea what to expect at the time. A sub 3:20 is running a 7:36 average mile.

My B Goal:
Run a sub 3:25. This time will let me register earlier for Boston.

My C Goal:
Run a sub 3:35. Anything under a 3:35 would be a PR.

So there you have it. Now if I can just relax… I can do this!

4 thoughts on “It’s Houston, Baby!!!

  1. Welcome to Houston! We’ve been here for 2 days and having a ball! The weather is going to be fantastic on Sunday and I’m really thinking we are going to see some record breakers tomorrow!! Run fast and furious!!!

  2. Those are amazing goals! Just came across your blog… I’m running the half tomorrow (was hoping for the full, but an injury slowed down my training). Should be a beautiful morning, good luck!

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