Hills are your friends! (Tips for running up hills…)

Hills are your friends! (Tips for running up hills…)

“Hills are your friends!” Boy, does this saying take me back…

Back in the day… High School Cross Country- Fall 1996

This was one of our little team sayings back when I was on the high school cross country team.  Whenever my teammates encountered a hill we just repeated this little mantra and plowed our way up the hill. Here I am, 16 years later thinking the same thing as I charge up a hill on a run.

I decided to start adding some hills into the mix this week after thoroughly spoiling myself training on mostly flat surfaces for Houston.  Houston was pretty much the perfect, PR course and I have been told multiple times how hilly the last half of Little Rock is. So I am preparing myself for the challenge.  Bring on the hills!

I don’t usually mind hills in training but they just seem to mess everything up in races. I don’t like anything slowing my time down and they sure take the wind out of my sails.  Just going to stay positive and prepare now so I am not so intimidated!

Here are 4 Tips for running hills with perfect form: (Sorry, I did not come up with these on my own.  The article was written by John Hanc of Runner’s World in July 2010.)

Increase your arm swing as if you’re pulling yourself quickly up a rope.

As you run up, think about pressing your hips into the hill to avoid bending at the waist.

This will help increase your stride rate and further help you maintain good posture.

Push off your toes to create an upward lift that will help propel you forward.

Do you train on hills?  If so, do you have any tips or mantras you would like to share…

7 thoughts on “Hills are your friends! (Tips for running up hills…)

  1. We have a fair mix of hills and flat here.
    Are those tips for uphill only?
    It looks like you are going to be Very prepared!! Great run today too on daily mile 🙂

  2. Hill time for me to get ready for Big Sur!! Fortunately Colorado had tons of hills!!
    BTW, I’ve tagged you for 11 random facts and answering 11 questions! Rules/details are on my 1/26 post!

  3. Thanks ladies! Raina- I think these tips are mostly for going up. I know a lot of runners actually struggle with big downhills- Boston being one of those races. I haven’t done Boston yet so I guess I’ll find out when I go! Kathy- I will check out that post!

    1. Ah…OK
      I have an article link I should give you. Need to look for it first. (regarding hill running). I tore a hip running downhill- poor form and no warm -up. Anyhow, I am almost ready to take on some repeats again. 🙂

  4. I live in a suburb called Taringa, which in aboriginal language means place of hills. And I’ve lived here almost all of my life so you think I’d be great at hills. And you’d be wrong. I suck at hills. They are not my friend because friends don’t hurt friends.

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