Time to Get Sneaky!!

Time to Get Sneaky!!

Would you ever squeeze through a small fence opening in 27 degree weather so you could run 800’s around a track by yourself early in the morning? If you answered yes to all of the above then we have something in common…

I didn’t really want to run the 800’s but I did. Does that make sense? I knew I needed to and this was my window of opportunity. We are currently visiting my parents and the high school track that is only a half mile from their house was all locked up. I found a small opening and if I shimmied just the right way I could squeeze through. I did 6 800’s ranging from 3:06-3:16. This was officially my last 800 workout before the marathon! I have also been able to “squeeze” in a run everyday while we’ve been here although it hasn’t been easy. Glad the tapering process has started. Getting in 35 miles is the general goal. I’ve done 20 so I’m more than halfway there! 2 weeks from Sunday… I’m ready for you Houston!!

3 thoughts on “Time to Get Sneaky!!

  1. Haha, 16 days to Houston and counting!! There is a Jr High track near my house and some wonderful soul shoveled a one foot track through all the snow. I want to find that person and give him/her a hug!

  2. Awesome for getting out there despite the freezing temps!!

    You’re going to do so great in Houston! I feel it!! 🙂 🙂


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