Racing sleeves make you fast, right?!

Racing sleeves make you fast, right?!

When I was in Memphis at the expo last week I bought some racing sleeves.  I have never worn them but I’m apparently a little behind in the running fashion community and since I found some for $9.99 I decided to give them a try.  Yesterday afternoon I was feeling better and decided to go for a 4 mile run.  It was just going to be me on the trail and it was perfect racing sleeve weather.

First thoughts- mine are a little big.  The one size fits all approach should have been a red flag for me but again- they were half the price of all the others so I guess that’s what I get! Still, they got the job done.  I felt surprisingly good and kept the pace my marathon goal pace.

A little fuzzy and off center but Abi (age 7) was busy so I had to use my back-up photographer (Rocky- age 5)!

Then this morning I met Kem for Mile Repeats.  I have not run these since college. It helped that I have done 800’s recently so I knew what lap times to expect.  Since this was my first time to run these my goal was to keep the miles under 6:20.  In between each mile we ran a mile recovery (8:45 pace).  My splits were:
Mile 1- 6:19
Mile2- 6:17
Mile 3- 6:19

Mission accomplished.  Eventually I would like to get my average to 6:15 but I’m not quite ready for that yet. It was 28 degrees for this workout so racing sleeves weren’t going to cut it.  I needed my full blown winter gear!

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