My Birthday Week and St.Judes Half Marathon!!

My Birthday Week and St.Judes Half Marathon!!

On Tuesday I turned 33.  My birthday began as numerous others- I went for a run! I LOVE running on my birthday and have for as long as I can remember.

Ashton is always so happy to see me when I get home. 

 When I got home I was about to make my usual strawberry/ blueberry/ banana protein smoothie but decided to make chocolate chip pancakes instead.  My younger three were all home and Anna LOVES pancakes.  (I make her some almost every day but adding in chocolate chips is a treat!)

Me with the little 3 after our chocolate chip pancakes!

We stayed in and Ashton decided he didn’t want to take a nap.  He finally crashed at 3 pm and slept for 45 minutes which is way too short for a 10 month-old!

Ashton decided no nap would make for a nice birthday present…

Somewhere around this time John surprised me and showed up with roses for me for my birthday.  He is so sweet and thoughtful… LOVE him!!

What a sweetie!!
33 years old today!

That night we went to Fuji’s Japanese Steakhouse.  It was great! I LOVE fried rice and pretty much everything else there! It is a special treat when we go there so the kids love it too.

We did not plan to “match” but I must admit that I love it when we do.  This is truly a sign that I am getting OLD!
Who doesn’t love to use chop sticks?!
When the waiters come out to sing you’ve got to do the birthday dance to the beat of the drum… Watch out.                   This girl does NOT dance!
I love my family!
After dinner we came home to my in-laws for a small birthday party.  I had lots of help blowing out candles and opening up presents!
New running shoes!! These shoes are definitely BQ’ing shoes!

An Ipod shuffle! Now I don’t have to share an Ipod with Abi!
November 29, 2011

So overall- GREAT birthday!  I couldn’t help but remember back to last year on my big day.  I was 33 weeks pregnant and had my last ultrasound of Ashton.  Now here we are one year later…

FLASHBACK: 1 Year Ago!!  November 29, 2010- 33 weeks pregnant with Ashton.

Now onto the running portion of the post… This week is a very light week since I have a half marathon on Saturday and I am coming off three hard marathon training weeks.  My legs are feeling good.  I am not sore for the first time in forever and I am starting to feel ready for Saturday.

My goal: I would love to break 1:34.  My PR is 1:34:38 which I just set less than 4 weeks ago in the Midsouth Championship in Wynne and hopefully I can continue to improve. My goal pace is 7:10.  I know I can do this.  I need to stay positive and focused.  I am not going to start out to fast and get discouraged. I am going to feel strong and fast.  I am READY!!!

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