I Should Be Running 20 Miles Right Now… and Mood Swings

I Should Be Running 20 Miles Right Now… and Mood Swings

Yes, today was the day I had planned for my second 20 miler… Instead I am home “resting” with the kids.  What happened?  My body is apparently fighting off some kind of bug or virus and I thought it wise not to run 20 miles and risk making things much worse.

This week I’ve experienced a range of {running} emotions.  I went into the the week on a runner’s high.  Coming off of my new PR I was feeling unstoppable.  I ran Monday and Tuesday and was ready to tackle the week head on.  Rest?  Who needs that? Surely, not me!  John had a busy week at work and my biggest challenge was thinking about just when I was going to squeeze in all my important workouts. This was mood number 1.

Tuesday afternoon/ evening my stress fracture area felt a little achy.  Not sure why an easy 7 mile run set it off and not my fastest half marathon ever but it did.   This has happened often in my recovery but less and less as time has gone on.  The last time I think I felt it a little was after the Soaring Wings Half.  Anyway, of course I was paranoid and started wondering if I would ever get over this injury.  So I called my running buddy and told her I would just take Wednesday off to rest. I had planned to do a killer 800 workout around the track and thought that just might be overdoing it.   This was mood number 2.

Wednesday morning I woke up dizzy, nauseous and very tired.  Getting sick was not on my to do list this week.  My mother-in-law had my 3 year-old for the day so I {only} had Ashton.  He took 2 great naps and I pretty much rested on the couch all day. This continued on to Thursday.  That night I texted my running buddy and told her I was not feeling well and 20 miles was out of the question.   Mood number 3.

This morning I am feeling a little better.  My head is still a little congested and I’m still feeling sluggish but hopefully I’m over the worst of it.  I am ready to have my energy back!  Obviously, not only for running but I need my energy to keep up with my kids and my house.  It is insane the amount of laundry that can pile up just from 3 days!  Also, why does not running for 3 days feel like 30?  I am now worried about “losing” everything I’ve worked for in this marathon training cycle.  Mood number 4.

All I can think of is that my body needed some rest this week.  I have raced a lot in the past month and a half.  I have 5 more weeks of marathon training left before my big race.  A few days off won’t kill me, right??? Maybe the rest has been good for me…

Now onto the kitchen.  I am making Tuscan Bean soup. Soup always sounds good on a cold winter day- especially on the days when you’re feeling a little under the weather.

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