I Did It!!!

I Did It!!!

Let me preface this with a disclaimer… The following post is NOT meant to sound boastful or arrogant in ANY way. ALL credit goes to God because it is through Him that makes all things possible. I’m so glad He does!!

A little over a year ago I set out on a mission. I was tired of just talking about reading the Bible and decided to actually read the ENTIRE Bible. This was not my first time to attempt this but I wanted to prove to myself that I could make the time. Obviously, this has been a busy year. 11 days into 2011 our Ashton was born. I had no idea how busy life with 4 kids was going to be last year at this time. I truly believe that God gave me the time. We all have the time but it’s about priorities. (Yes, this coming from someone obsessed with all things running!) It has taken me 33 years to do this and now I cannot imagine not having this time with God reading His word. I’ve always just pulled out the verses I wanted to read or the chapters (usually in the New Testament) that I thought were most applicable to my life. One of the biggest things I learned on this journey was that ALL of scripture is important and relevant. God taught me lessons from books and verses that I would have never imagined!

I am definitely planning on reading it again in 2012. I know I will learn even more. I feel closer to God than I have in years. This year would have been really difficult if I wouldn’t have had His word to help me. So here is my first resolution for 2012…

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  1. I used, “The Daily Message. Through the Bible in One Year.” It is the Message version which I love (more modern, easier to understand) and it has 2 different readings each day. It is not in chronological order all the time. (Once you read the whole book of Genesis you switch gears and read the book of Mark, etc.) My favorite part of all is you have 6 readings in a week and one day of reflection. I use this day to either catch up, get ahead or just not read. I like having those 52 days spread out throughout the year.

  2. Is that in the Message Bible as a plan? Or something I should google. I have found plans on biblegateway.com, but need something on paper to look at. Yours sounds good. I might make it through Deuteronomy in the Message version 🙂

  3. The Message Bible version. I actually just started again but I am using an app on my phone. It’s free too. If you have YouVersion on your phone you can pick your Bible version (I picked the Message) and go under Reading Plans. Go under “Whole Year” plans and I am using the plan called “OwnIt365.” 6 days reading, 1 day off.

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