Houston Marathon Training Week 14 and meet my little climber…

Houston Marathon Training Week 14 and meet my little climber…

My little baby turned 11 months this week and has turned into quite the little climber. He even figured out how to make it to the top bunk by himself. 

We have since moved the ladder so he is not tempted.  That boy… 🙂

This week was full of school Christmas parties, too many cookies and candy and also RUNNING!

I am at the end of Week 14 and finishing my highest mileage week yet.  After tomorrow’s 3 mile run I will have hit 55 miles for the week.

Sunday- 4 miles @ 8:03 pace
Monday- 21 miles @ 7:49 pace (This is my second 20+ mile run this training cycle.  I decided to do this one a little closer to race pace.)
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- 8 miles @ 8:44 pace
Thursday- 7 miles @ 7:25 pace
Friday- 12 miles @ 8:34 pace
Saturday- plan to do an easy 3

Next week I am aiming for 60 and then let the taper begin!! Houston is just 4 weeks from Sunday…

3 thoughts on “Houston Marathon Training Week 14 and meet my little climber…

  1. Tia, you are in such a good place!! Your training sounds amazing. Seriously…these are some great paces. GREAT 20 mile run. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do in Houston. I may not comment often or be good at blogs but I do always love to hear from you and read about your training. I consider you one of my virtual teammates and women that I’d love to run with in real life…you’d be a good running partner…compatible I think. Although the thought of 20 miles at 7:49 pace sounds a little too fast for me right now but I’ll get there. 🙂

    Oh, and the zensah compression tights are sooooo great. I love them!!

  2. He is too smart! Little cutie!

    Looks like you are doing some fantastic training. That 21 miler is so speedy…I have yet to try a marathon pace run. You might have convinced me!
    Only 4 weeks til Houston? My that is coming soon. Enjoy that last heavy week 🙂

  3. Thanks! I am very new to marathon training. This is only my second marathon to train for and since I am coming off of an injury it’s been even more challenging. (Less running days/ mileage than I would have liked.) Anyway, we’ll see how this works… I’m sure I will learn from Houston one way or another and figure out what I can do better for my next one!

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