Christmas Blessings and 65!!

Christmas Blessings and 65!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

What a great day! We had a big breakfast, opened presents, church, lunch and time at home with our family.  I feel very blessed!

This past week everyone was home so we had lots of family time together.  I also had some “extra” time to run since John was home which worked out well since it was the hardest week in this marathon training cycle.  I actually hit 65 miles this week which is an all-time high for me.  I hit 60 twice (in college) and I remember thinking how hard it was.  It was tough but I enjoyed the challenge. 

Houston Training Week 15:

Sunday- 8 @ 6:59 (Tempo Run)

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 11 @ 7:31 (Race Pace Run)
Wednesday- 10 @ 8:20
Thursday- 7 @ 7:59
Friday- 9 @ 7:50
Saturday- 20 @ 8:26

TOTAL- 65 Miles

Tish and I after our 20 mile run.  Our last “long run” before Houston!!

My legs are pretty sore and tired today.  I took today off and this week mileage will definitely be lower as I start to taper.  Houston is 3 weeks from today!!

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  1. Thanks! I’m using a lot of Hal Hgdon’s advanced 1 and I threw in a log of half marathon training during the first half of the schedule. (I raced in 3 half marathons from Oct- Dec.) Hal’s schedules are pretty easy to follow and tend to be on the lower mileage side of things which I needed during this training cycle.

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