Month: December 2011

Time to Get Sneaky!!

Would you ever squeeze through a small fence opening in 27 degree weather so you could run 800’s around a track by yourself early in the morning? If you answered yes to all of the above then we have something in common… I didn’t really want to run the 800’s but I did. Does that make sense? I knew I

I Did It!!!

Let me preface this with a disclaimer… The following post is NOT meant to sound boastful or arrogant in ANY way. ALL credit goes to God because it is through Him that makes all things possible. I’m so glad He does!! A little over a year ago I set out on a mission. I was tired of just talking about

Christmas Blessings and 65!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! What a great day! We had a big breakfast, opened presents, church, lunch and time at home with our family.  I feel very blessed! This past week everyone was home so we had lots of family time together.  I also had some “extra” time to run since John was home which worked out well since it was

Rest Days and Being Crafty

This morning I was supposed to meet a friend for a nice 8 mile run.  After yesterday’s awesome workout my body was screaming for a rest day.  My stress fracture area was a tiny bit “achy” and my legs were SO SORE.  I had run 5 days in a row which is a first in probably 18 months. So I

An Unplanned Progressive Tempo

There are some days when everything just clicks.  You feel good, the weather is perfect and you just get in the groove.  That happened to me today.  I had an easy 5 mile run planned. Goal- I just wanted to run around an 8- 8:15 pace.  I ran my first mile in a 7:50.  Nothing special about that.  My second

Houston Marathon Training Week 14 and meet my little climber…

My little baby turned 11 months this week and has turned into quite the little climber. He even figured out how to make it to the top bunk by himself.  We have since moved the ladder so he is not tempted.  That boy… 🙂 This week was full of school Christmas parties, too many cookies and candy and also RUNNING!

Racing sleeves make you fast, right?!

When I was in Memphis at the expo last week I bought some racing sleeves.  I have never worn them but I’m apparently a little behind in the running fashion community and since I found some for $9.99 I decided to give them a try.  Yesterday afternoon I was feeling better and decided to go for a 4 mile run. 

I Should Be Running 20 Miles Right Now… and Mood Swings

Yes, today was the day I had planned for my second 20 miler… Instead I am home “resting” with the kids.  What happened?  My body is apparently fighting off some kind of bug or virus and I thought it wise not to run 20 miles and risk making things much worse. This week I’ve experienced a range of {running} emotions. 

5 Weeks of Half Marathons: By the Numbers

3 Half Marathons in 5 Weeks?  Why not?! Well, I could probably list several reason why not but we made it work and I have my husband to thank 100% for that! If it were not for him I would not be able to do ANY of this.  I know its been a little much so I will be toning

St.Judes Half Marathon: Race Report (and it includes a PR!!!)

I must admit that I am falling in love with the half marathon distance.  I have set a PR the last 3 half marathons I have run in- and have run them all within the past 5 weeks! I am learning a lot about racing this distance and having FUN! Yesterday, John, Ashton and I headed to Memphis for the