Soaring Wings Half Marathon: Race Report- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Soaring Wings Half Marathon: Race Report- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Well, as you can probably tell from my lack of posting, the Half Marathon did not go exactly as planned.  I set what I thought was an obtainable pace (goal) and learned mid-race that it was NOT realistic for me at the moment.  While I know that I may one day run a sub 7 minute mile for an entire Half Marathon- Saturday was not that day!!  Let’s just say that I had 7 decent miles in me but the last half of the race was HARD!! I was not prepared for the hills…

Once I realized I couldn’t keep my pace on track I got completely discouraged and down on myself.  WHY DID I GO OUT SO FAST?!?! Not smart racing AT ALL.

So here are my splits.  It pains me to see them:
Mile 1- 7:01 (I was wanting a 7:10 but a 7:01 felt so easy… If only I had a time machine.)
Mile 2- 7:01
Mile 3- 6:57
Mile 4- 7:08
Mile 5- 6:59
Mile 6- 7:17
Mile 7- 7:20
Mile 8- 7:36 (From this mile on I was DONE with this race.)
Mile 9- 7:33
Mile 10- 7:37 (I felt like I was running 10 minute miles inside.)
Mile 11- 7:35
Mile 13- 7:20 (The finish line could not come soon enough…)

TOTAL TIME: 1:36:33 for 13.22 (Garmin) avg. 7:18 pace.

 The Good:

  • Best race atmosphere- I’m not exaggerating either.  I have run in MANY races over my lifetime (starting at age 5) and this race has it all.  Very organized, great crowd support, plenty of water stations, bounce houses for the kids and best post race food EVER.
  • Great price- I registered super early during the Little Rock Marathon weekend event special for the low price of $25!! You can’t beat that for a Half Marathon these days!
  • My body- I did not experience any annoying hip pain or stress fracture area related pain during the race.  This was a huge blessing!
  • I actually set my Half Marathon PR by 12 seconds.  My previous best time was a 1:36:45 when I ran the Little Rock Half the month before I got pregnant. I didn’t set it by much but a PR is a PR and I’ll take it!

The Bad:

  • I started out WAY TOO FAST. I died. End of story.
Start of the race… Slow down Tia!

The Ugly:

  • The ugliest thing about this race was my attitude the second half… I have got to get this under control.  Starting too fast does this to me.
  • As a side note- let’s just say that the race pics are nothing to brag home about… I know I am my biggest critic.  In my mind, I do not “look” like a runner right now.  I do not look like I did when I was running in high school or college.  I need to get over this and not be so self- conscience about it.  The important thing is not what I look like.  And yes, I did have baby # 4 in January and I am not one of those people whose weight just falls off them.  Every pound is a struggle.  I like food and need food as fuel when I’m running.  I have never had an eating disorder and I’m not about to start now just so I can “look” good. The weight is coming off (only have 5 more pounds to lose) but it is taking its sweet time. My kids are worth it ALL and I cannot imagine my world without them.  I will get the stronger, leaner faster body I want but it just takes hard work and time! Patience.

What’s Next?
Well, you know me.  I don’t waste any time.  I was already planning a half marathon comeback on my drive home from the race.  Hopefully, this won’t come back to bite me but I am racing another half marathon again this weekend.  Yes, you heard me- THIS weekend.  My training buddy had planned to run in a Half this weekend.  I was going to go there to pace the last 7 or 8 miles with her.  I just decided to register myself and pace with her the whole thing.  Fortunately, it’s a small race that was not already full.  It’s about an hour away so I decided to go for it.

My new strategy is simple.  Pace about a 7:15 mile.  At mile 10 I will evaluate how I feel and if I need to maintain or if I am able to pick up the pace during the last 5K.  And my main goal is to feel positive and motivated during the entire run.  I do not want to let negativity overtake me and get the best of me.  I CAN do this and I AM a good runner.  I’m NOT going to let bad thoughts get me down during this next race!

Hopefully on Saturday I will have a much better Half Marathon to report. 

My whole family was at the finish cheering me on…

My in-laws walked the whole Half- at a fast pace too!

4th place in the hardest age division ever!
Best feeling ever to be DONE with this one!

5 thoughts on “Soaring Wings Half Marathon: Race Report- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Good for you for thinking to the next one already! I think this is a great idea and I know you can do it…from what I’ve seen on your blog. A race like NIcole’s (I dream of Running) would serve any of us well…taking off slower and building up. I have always taken off too fast. My half marathon early this spring was totally like that…sub 7’s for the first 4 or 5 and then by the end I was barely holding on to sub 8’s. But hey, these races make us STRONGER and WISER and HUNGRIER for the next goal! They make us better runners! And I can feel your hunger here. 🙂 Go get it! Starting out at 7:15 seems to take some of the stress/pressure off too (at least for me). Congrats on the little PR…a PR is a PR and I only see better and better to come from here for you! Excited to follow you over the next few years. I consider you one of my virtual training partners for sure! Congrats Tia….on the race and on using it for fuel for the next one.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Amanda! I will have to go back to your blog and read about your Half you mentioned. Maybe I can learn a few more things… 🙂

    yes, after I read about Nicole’s race I knew that is how I should have raced it. That is my plan for this weekend! Hopefully the new strategy will work better.

  3. First off: Congrats on the PR! A PR is still a PR- even if it doesn’t meet our goals.

    I hope you will not be so hard on yourself. This was still a good race time! For having had a baby within the last year, your body is still remembering where everything is supposed to go back to. 🙂 With the kind of work you’ve been doing and the mindset you have, in another six months and you will see speed like you never have before!

    Best wishes this weekend!!

  4. Thanks Raina! You are right about the PR. I fall so easily into the temptation of comparing myself to other runners and I know that everyone is at a different place. I am coming back from a new baby and stress fracture within the last 9 months so I do need to lighten up on myself and be PATIENT! Thanks for your encouragement too!

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