November’s 30 *Things*

November’s 30 *Things*

If you are on Facebook at all, you have most likely noticed that many people are using their statuses to put something they are thankful for each day in November.  I do not get on Facebook as much as I used to but I would like to take one post to share 30 things I am thankful for…

1. My Salvation. Without my belief in God or my relationship to Christ everything else in my life would be meaningless.  Everything I have is because of Him.  God had given me more than I ever need or deserve.  I live each day knowing I have a future that is better than anything I could possibly hope for or imagine.

2.  God’s Word.  In all honesty, I have taken this for granted most of my life.  We have such easy access to Bibles yet how often do we actually read it?  I spent MOST of my adult life just reading key verses or chapters or reading scriptures at church or Bible class.  That was it.  After reading through the Twilight series (for the second time) I challenged myself that if I could read that entire series in 2 weeks, surely I could read the Bible in a year.  My journey this year has taught me that I have so much more to learn.  I have learned so much about God and I cannot imagine not having this time with him anymore.  Sure there are some days when I am reading something in the Old Testament when I think- what in the world?!! How depressing! This does NOT apply to me but then the more I read I realize that it does.  There is a reason God put it in there.

3.  My Husband. John has been in my life for more than 11 years now and I cannot imagine my life without him.  He is my best friend.  We share so much together and I am more in love with him today than I was on our wedding day. 

On our way to our Honeymoon!
4. Abi, my firstborn.  I found out I was pregnant with her exactly 8 years ago this week.  She has changed my life and made me into the mom I am today. 

5.  My Anthony.  Oh that boy.  He can be high maintenance sometimes with his “routine” but he has such a sweet heart and spirit.  He is always thinking and so focused.

6. My Annie. Miss Personality.  She is so full of life and spunk. It’s hard not to loosen up and have fun with Anna around. 

7. My little Ashty.  My sweet little man.  Our family would not be complete without him.  His personality comes out a little more each day.  I know Ashton is strong, loves his brother and sisters and his daddy.  He loves food and playing with balls.  And most of all- I love that I am his absolute favorite person in the world right now.  It’s true… Especially when it’s time to eat! 🙂

8.  My parents and sisters. I am thankful for my upbringing.  Everything that has happened in my life has made me who I am and brought me where I am today.  I owe so much of that to my parents.

My family circa 2000

9. My in-laws.  I have the BEST mother and father-in-law.  I’ve learned so much from them- especially about the kind of in-law I want to be someday and the kind of grandparent I want to be. 

10.  Running.  It’s been such a big part of my life for most of my life.  It has been very challenging at times but SO, SO rewarding.  Running paid for my college education and for that I am extremely grateful.  Running has taught me many life lessons and has given me a purpose at times when I needed some direction. Having recently recovered from a stress fracture I am so thankful to be running again. 

11.  My running buddies.  This crowd has changed over the years.  In high school it was my sister and the rest of the cross country girls.  In college I had a solid group of close running friends for 4 years…  Kelly, Cheri, Diane, Katie, Brittney, Liz- I miss running with them! Those were great times!!  I feel truly blessed to have friends now I can run with on a regular basis. Running friends make running so much more enjoyable.

 12.  My friends. I am so thankful God has placed these special ladies in my life.  They have helped me through some tough times and been there for many good times as well.

13.  My church home.  We recently switched churches so that we could worship with my in-laws and I am thankful for our new church and the one we were members of for the past 8 years.  We are very blessed to have so many great church options in the city we live in. 

14.  My home. We moved into our house 2 years ago this month and it has truly become our home.  My most favorite memory at this house- when we brought Ashton home from the hospital.

15. Harding.  Besides being the school I went to, Harding has become a huge part of our lives. I worked there for 3 years and my husband has worked there the past 10 years.  I am thankful for the Christian environment and everything Harding stands for.

16.  Harding Academy.  I am so thankful that my daughter is able to attend there.  At some point we plan to have all four children there when they are all school-age. I am thankful for the Christian teachers and the education that they can receive there.

17.  The USA. I know that I often take our nation for granted but I truly am thankful for America and all the freedom that I enjoy.  I am thankful to live here and I appreciate those who have given their lives to make this possible.

18.  Being a Stay at Home Mom.  Best job in the world!! I am so thankful that I get to love on, play with and teach my little ones all day long.  I would not miss this special time with them for anything.  Having one already in school I know how quickly the time goes.  It is the hardest job I have ever (some days are so LONG) had but so, so rewarding.

19. Good health.  This year I have learned to appreciate good health more than ever.  Between John and myself we have had three trips to the hospital since January.  The first was when our sweet Ashton was born.  Of course, that was a planned hospital stay but it was still a surgery and I had a harder recovery than anticipated.  Then there was the MRI hospital visit when it was determined that I had a stress fracture. In July, John was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia for 4 days.  Recently, John learned he is allergic to everything outside and has to have allergy shots weekly.  I know things could be much worse.  I am very thankful that the kids have been healthy.

John while he was at the hospital with pneumonia in July

20.  Modern Technology.  I don’t consider myself to be very tech savvy but I am married to someone who is so I get to enjoy many technology “perks.” He always makes sure our computers are updated and virus-free.  He keeps everything running smoothly.  This summer I got my first smart phone and I love it.  What did I do before my i phone?  No checking Facebook, email, blogs, words with friends, etc.  I love being able to text my sisters and parents or call them any time.  Technology has definitely made things easier.  Sometimes I feel almost too attached but that’s a whole different issue. 

I cannot imagine running without my Garmin watch!
21.  Good food.  Yes, we are more than blessed in this area.  After seeing pictures this summer of so many starving from famine in other parts of the world it kind of makes you feel guilty about how good we have it.  We have so many excellent food choices available to us at any time.  I am very thankful for this!!
A Thanksgiving Feast
Turkey Time!
 22. Our Van.  Yes, I’m a mom in my 30’s and I drive a minivan.  I am not too proud to say that! We use our Honda Odyssey everyday.  We have room for all the kids (and all their car seats). I love the room, the automatic doors, the DVD player- you name it.  It is the perfect vehicle for our family. 
When we first got our van, the summer of ’08. 
23. Travel.  I have lived in a total of 8 states in my life.  I have been blessed by being able to travel to many other places around the country at various times.  I love seeing different places and people.  Our family plans to spend one summer in Europe at some point once John finishes his PhD with the University. We are really looking forward to this opportunity.  
On a trip to California
Disney World before we had kids
Our trip to NY when I was pregnant with Ashton
One of many trips to the ocean…
24.   My Education.  Sometimes this seems like a lifetime ago but in reality it wasn’t that long ago.  I am thankful for my education k-12th grade.  I am thankful for my degree in Elementary Education and then my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I know this background has helped me in my current *job* more than anything!
25. The Seasons.  What a gift this is.  Definitely one of God’s coolest creations… I enjoy the variety and change each season brings.  While, my favorite time is summer, I truly enjoy each season for many reasons.
Snowball time!
Spring is in the air…
My favorite of all- SUMMER!
After the heat of the summer, I always welcome the cooler temps (and the pretty colors) of the fall!
 26. Music and Dance. As I sit and type this I am listening to my children sing a long with the Annie soundtrack.  They are totally into musicals right now.  Singing, dancing and acting out the songs.
Anna loves musicals!

 27.  Time at home.  Everyone has warned me that busy carpool days are ahead.  I know that one of these days it will hit me that I have turned into a taxi service.  I have four very different and active children and I know they will want to be involved in various activities and sports.  I hope when that day comes I will be able to handle the hectic schedule and learn to balance what things they should be involved in and what things we may need to say no to.  For now I am really enjoying this “simpler” time.  Sure, it has some challenges of its own but I really do enjoy that simple things make them happy.  A trip to the park, reading a book, making cookies…. it doesn’t take much.  

28.  People who love my kids as if they were their own.  I know we can count on both sides of our family for help anytime but we also have a few special people in our lives who truly love our kiddos.  They are just like family to us!

29.  Our Family. I am so thankful for them.  They are my life.  Not a day goes by when I don’t thank God for giving me every single one of them.

30. And last and most definitely least… Caramel macchiatos.  Yes, this is a totally frivolous one and I can hardly believe I’m including it with the other 29 “serious” things I’m thankful for but this is my list and it’s on it.  🙂 It started as a “date thing” since Hastings has them 2 for 1 weeknights from 6-8. John likes to bring me one when I’ve had a long day at home with the kids.   I always get the same thing… skinny, decaf caramel macchiato with whip.

And there you have it.  The longest post ever.  🙂 There are so many more things I am thankful for but I will just leave this post with 30 before it gets any longer than it already is!! 

2 thoughts on “November’s 30 *Things*

  1. I LOVE how grounded you are with this thankfulness post. I have SO much to be thankful for too- thanks for the reminder.

    I haven’t had a caramel macchiato in a while, but i love them :)) I have to take issue with #9– I think mine are the best!!

    Good health is something to really appreciate. We had to take my middle son to the ER twice this summer. Neither ended up being truly life-threatening, but there was no way to know. God is good.

    28 is such an incredible gift. I am honored to have friends who fit that description too.

    Thanks for doing this. I feel like I know you well! Wished you lived closer.

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