Breaking Dawn, Tempo Tuesday and the worst chafing EVER

Breaking Dawn, Tempo Tuesday and the worst chafing EVER

First things first- Yes, I DID join the masses and see Breaking Dawn.  I did not go opening night at midnight (I value my sleep WAY too much!) or opening weekend but we found our way to the 2 pm matinee today.  John had off and my in-laws offered to baby-sit we were able to go on a midweek date.  We got there with 10 minutes to spare and had great seats. Apparently the 2 pm showing in our small town was not in high demand! Movie thoughts… It was great! I have read through the books twice and I thought the movie was pretty accurate to the book. Not a movie I’d want my young pre-teen daughter to see.  (Some mature scenes when Bella and Edward are on their honeymoon.)  I’m ready for part 2 to be out already.  How long can this saga drag out already?!

Today is Tuesday and it seems like that has been the day of the week I typically do my tempo runs. Today’s goal was 9 miles at a 7:10 pace and that was exactly what I got. It was misting/ light rain but MUCH better than last week’s tempo weather conditions. I’m actually still getting over the chaffing disaster from last week. I will NOT be running in the pouring rain for a while.  For some reason the combination of chafed thighs and a 20 mile run three days later resulted in extreme inner thigh leg swelling.  As soon as I came home from Friday’s long run I noticed the chafed skin area starting to swell.  Not good.  I researched this online and apparently swelling can be one of the side effects of chafing.  It felt as if I suddenly had two huge tumors inside my leg.  I immediately started taking Ibuprofen around the clock and putting Neosporin and Lotrimin on the chafed skin.  “Dr.” John said no running until the swelling went down.  (Ok, he is not an MD but he is working on his PhD…)  I had planned a rest day after my 20 miler anyway but didn’t know how long this was going to set me back.  After 2 days the swelling really did start to go down so I was able to run on Monday.  My skin is still not back to normal (it will be another week or two at least) so all in all- NOT WORTH IT.  Should have just done that run on the treadmill. Unless it is a race I am not going to chance anything like this happening again. 

And speaking of racing… The St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis is next weekend!

 It’s my last race before Houston.  I would love to PR again.  I’d love to break 1:34.  I guess we’ll see!

One thought on “Breaking Dawn, Tempo Tuesday and the worst chafing EVER

  1. AHHH! That sounds painful! It sounds like you are healing, though. Yikes! I have heard of using diaper cream on the chafed area to get it all better too.

    Looking forward to your next half! I predict a new PR 🙂 You are getting a lot of practice 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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