What am I capable of???

What am I capable of???

This morning got off to a rough start.  I woke up at 5:10 and was supposed to meet my friend on the track at 5:45.  We had decided to do our 8 mile tempo there because it would be too dark and trafficky anywhere else.  So I nursed Ashton, got dressed and then just as I was about to leave he got fussy and started crying.  I didn’t want him to wake up the other 3 sleeping children or my husband so I tried to feed him more but he really wasn’t hungry- he just wanted me to pacify him.  I finally got him to settle down a little and John took over.  (I later found out he did go back to sleep and slept almost the whole time I was running- YAY!!)

Anyway, we did our warm-up mile and then we started our 8 mile tempo.  The goal- I was going for a sub-7 average.  My friend was shooting for a 7:10 so even though we weren’t exactly pacing together just knowing she was on the track doing the same workout was comforting.  I don’t know if I would have had the motivation to get up at 5 to do an early morning tempo.  32 laps around a track?!! It sounds crazy but it actually went by so fast and was not that bad!

It was so dark the first 35 minutes of the run. I’m really glad we did meet at the track.  I didn’t worry about my footing at all or any traffic.  The only negative was that it was flat and I know there will be some rolling hills in Conway.   I guess we’ll see in 2 weeks!

My splits:
Mile 1- 7:08- I wanted to start off slower and ease into it
Mile 2- 6:49- Typically this is my slowest mile overall so not sure what happened here
Mile 3- 6:57
Mile 4- 6:53
Mile 5- 7:04- I ate a GU and drank some water during this mile.  Slowed down a tad.
Mile 6- 6:53
10K split- 43:06
Mile 7- 6:52
Mile 8- 6:53

6:56 min. average for 8 mile tempo

I am 2 weeks and one day away from my first real competitive half marathon in 19 months. I think I am really going to try to maintain a 7 minute pace as best and for as long as I can.  I feel like today I could have done it for at least 2 more miles. I know a race is 13 but maybe I could allow some time to slow down at the end…

So here are my goals: I am dreaming big here and if it doesn’t happen this race I know I still have St. Judes in December:
Goal A- Run sub 7 average for all 13.1 miles.  This would put my total time at: 1:31:31
Goal B- Run a 7:05 average to break 1:33.
Goal C- Beat my PR of 1:36:45. (Run faster than a 7:22 pace.)

I know I can run a sub 7 pace for a Half.  Am I capable of doing it right now? We’ll find out.  But I know I will get there.


When I finished a cool down mile it was 7:25 and I was actually supposed to be back at the school 35 minutes later for chapel!  My daughter was getting her name called for Mail Call (it happens once a school year to each student and it’s sort of a big deal in a casual way). So I made it home by 7:30 and tried to get 4 kids ready as fast as possible, as well as shower and look presentable myself.  We actually made it there by 8:05, right before the tardy bell and made it in to chapel in plenty of time. In an ideal running world I would have had time to stretch, ice, enjoy a protein smoothie but I did not have ANY time to spare! I will be stretching and icing later today.  I promise!

It was great knowing that I had finished a HARD workout and had already got in 10 miles before the day really started.  Mentally I needed this.  I feel so much more confident and prepared now.  I still have a 5K coming up next week and that will be my faster “tempo”- although I will be racing my heart out! I am READY!

SO proud of my sweet Abi! (Is she really already in 2nd grade?!)

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  1. Great job this morning! I am very impressed! I always feel better when I get my workout done before most people start their day, I’ve got my head start in. Your race goals are great and realistic.

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