Setting my 5K PR

Setting my 5K PR

This Saturday I have another 5K.  I am starting to get the excited/ nervous feeling already.  5K’s used to be a personal race favorite of mine for many years.  I loved the speed, the shorter distance.  I thought people were crazy for racing anything more.  Why race a 10K when you could run a 5K? Then I started running longer distances and entered into a new world of half and full marathons.  This was a new kind of racing.  The training was different but it was rewarding in a new way. Now I look at 5K’s as if they were the 100 yard dash. 

So here I am.  Back to my old faithful 5K. I can honestly say that I will probably never set a PR in this distance again and I am ok with that! That probably sounds very pessimistic but I don’t mean it to be.  I am just being realistic.  My fastest 5K is an 18:32.  That is a 5:57 average for 3.1 miles. I ran this fast when I was 19. I have *only* run in the 18’s 4 times in my life.  Most of my 5 K’s from high school though college were in the mid 19’s.  My main racing strategy: sprint, hold on and collapse at the end!

This is me after a 5K I ran in May, 1997.  I was 18. I ran a 19:28 in this one.  
Yeah, I was pretty wiped out…
My goal for this Saturday is simple.  Break 20 minutes.  I want to set my 5K PR since college.  Basically, I need to run faster than a 19:56.   I haven’t exactly been training for a 5K since my main focus right now if the Half- which is next weekend but I feel like I can accomplish a sub-20.  I guess we’ll find out!  Maybe next spring I can actually focus on racing 5K’s and see what happens…


3 thoughts on “Setting my 5K PR

  1. Good Luck on your 5k!! 🙂

    You remind me a lot of myself. Running when I was preggers, jogging strollers, training underneath the start before the babies wake up!! God bless our hubbies!! I’m a 35 y/o mommy to 3 ages (3,4&15 two boys and 1 teenage girl). I started running competively 14 years ago. It all started with 5ks, 10ks, halfs and now marathons. I like to mix it up and throw in a few 5ks & 10ks throughout the year. It’s always fun to set new PR’s in those distances. My next 5k is next weekend my goal is to run less than 20:44! 🙂

    You’re speedy and I hope you accomplish your goal!!

    Love your blog! I’m currently working on mine and I hope you’ll like to check it out!

    Have a good evening and a happy Friday!

  2. Thank you Pam! You are right about the “God bless our hubbies!!” 🙂 Thanks for comment and I will check out your blog. Good luck in your upcoming 5K!

  3. I have yet to break 20 minutes. I thought I would do it this spring when I was marathon training but ran a 20:20 something…I think we would have broken 20 minutes if it were not for the big hill at mile 2 kind of like your race. 1997 I was 18 too! 🙂

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