Race Week DRAMA

Race Week DRAMA

Well, this week has been a little too eventful for my taste.  It started with me not knowing exactly what I should so training-wise.  Normally, I would follow a regular plan but my schedule was all thrown off because of Saturday’s 5K.  I felt like I REALLY needed to get in one last long run to feel good about my Half this weekend so I went 10 miles by myself Monday.  I felt good and really needed that run mentally.  It was a little fast but not race pace or anything.  (7:51 average I believe.) Then, that night I started having some light annoying hip pain.  Same on Tuesday.  Then, on Wednesday I met up with some friends for an easy 4 mile run. I noticed the pain then but it sort of went away while I ran.  Wednesday night and Thursday it was really annoying me.  I felt it just from walking.  How do you get injured during a taper week??  Of course, this immediately sent me into full blown runner’s depression. Why does this have to happen to me? Why can’t I just not get injured?  Why does this happen before the race I’ve been waiting on for 6 months? Why? Why? Why? By last night it was starting to feel better and thankfully this morning I woke up feeling back to normal.  THANK YOU GOD!! Today my hip has been fine.  I’m as paranoid as I’ll get out but the hip is fine…

How much time do I waste worrying? I know God gives me all I need and he tells me not to worry but rely on HIM. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” I Peter 5:7.

Will my hip start to bother me when I warm up or during the race? What about my old stress fracture spot? Not sure but I’m giving those worries to God.  Can I stick with my pacing plan? That’s another one for God.  Can I handle the hills? Again, God.  You get the point.

So now I am just going to try to RELAX and get some rest before my early wake up call.  13.1 miles is MINE!!

3 thoughts on “Race Week DRAMA

  1. Hope you feel better! Injuries are the worst!

    My knees hurt so I can’t really run and I miss it! I’ve been doing a work out video I really like and a stationary bike a little instead. Also walking. It’s been good but that runners high is amazing.

    Praying for your healing!

  2. He has your heart, and that is what really matters most! But, I’ll pray right now that your hip is healing and will give you no trouble before or during this big event.

    Rest easy 🙂

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