October Racing Goals

October Racing Goals

Happy Friday! Two of my children are napping and two are resting so I have a few quiet minutes… I thought I would take a moment to put down some goals before my first race of the fall “season.”

Saturday, October 8Micah Rine Wildcat Legacy 5K

  • Break 21 minutes! This is a very realistic goal. I know I can run in the 20’s.  I missed it by one second in my last 5K and I can blame it on the heat all I want but the bottom line is I missed it. Every second counts!
  • Mile splits- I started a little slower last time so I think I’d like my first mile to be faster than 6:30 if I want to do this right.  Then my next two miles I’d like to be in the 6:40’s or faster.

Saturday, October 22- Arkansas Race for the Cure 5K

  • Break 20 minutes! Hopefully I will have a better strategy after having run the Micah Rine 5K so I know what I need to do.  I have only broken the 20 minute barrier once since my college days (has it really been 10 years since college?!!) and that was 2 years ago when I was training for the White Rock Marathon. 
  • This will be my 8th consecutive year to run in this race! However, it will be my first year to wear a chip for this race.  Last year they implemented chips for competitive runners but I was 6 months pregnant at the time so I missed it. (When I ran it two years ago I came in 9th overall with a time of 20:56.  However, it took me almost a minute to get to the starting line with all the crowds so with no chip, I wasted a minute there!) This year I’m going for it!
 Race for the Cure 2010

 Saturday, October 30Soaring Wings Half Marathon

  • Break 1:36 for the Half! I will be trying to pace at a 7:15 mile for the first half of the race and either pick it up or maintain.
  • This will be the second time I’ve run this race.  Last time I ran a 1:39:00.  I was a little upset that I didn’t run one second faster.  1:38:59 just sounded SO much faster!
  • My last racing Half Marathon (not counting my crazy 7 week post partum Half) was in Little Rock right before I got pregnant. I ran a 1:36 and qualified for the New York City Marathon. I would love to re-qualify again and actually race in it.

So there you have it.  3 races in October.  I jogged tomorrow’s 5K course today so I sort of know it now.   The night before a race is always a little nerve wracking. I’m going to try to get the kids in bed early and get everything put together so it’s not crazy in the morning.  5K race report coming soon…


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