The October CORE Challenge-

The October CORE Challenge-

Food for thought…. I just realized that you can spell the word “Core” from some of the letters in oCtObER. Interesting. Sure, my 7 year-old could have also figured that one out but that’s ok!

I have decided I need to get back on track with my overall fitness, while still training for all my upcoming races.  I actually did well for a month or so this summer, doing abs and push-ups almost every day but just got out of the habit once I started running more.  For some reason I would much rather run than do anything else… Go figure. So I took it upon myself to view a new month as a chance to make a change for the better.  During the month of October I will be doing some kind of ab workout (5-10 minutes at least) and push-ups (5-10 minutes) EVERY DAY.  That may seem extreme but it really doesn’t require much time.  I need to get into a routine and maybe by doing this 31 days in a row I will get back into the habit of working on my core!

 I start off with boy push-ups and do as many as I can…
 Then I bring on the girl push-ups- hey, it’s better than no push-ups! 🙂
Then I do various ab exercises.  Today I did some leg raises and crunches. 
Apparently I am also pretty entertaining…

In other news, today I went on a wonderful 14 mile run and felt great! Thank you, God!! Our pace was a 7:56 average and I tried to imagine myself continuing on for a whole marathon at that pace.  I felt great.  The last 2 miles were the fastest.  I’m going to rest tomorrow and then cross train Monday.  Tuesday I have to get my long run in because I have a 5K next weekend.  Hopefully two {sort of} back to back long runs won’t cause any SF area soreness.  I guess I’ll find out… I plan to take it easy the rest of next week after the long run, before the 5K. It will be interesting to see how next week plays out…


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