Micah Rine Wildcate Legacy 5K- Race Report

Micah Rine Wildcate Legacy 5K- Race Report

What a GREAT race!! I must admit that I have found my new favorite Searcy 5K! I REALLY hope this becomes an annual event because if so- I will be back!


  • All proceeds went towards the Micah Rine Wellness Center- which will be at the school my children attend. Micah Rine was an HA alumni who died tragically at the age of 26.  Her family put this race together as just one way to remember Micah and celebrate her life.  (She loved to run and though I did not know her well I did see her many times when I would run on the trail by our old house. )
  • The course started at Harding Academy and then right through the heart of Harding University.  Overall was a very fast, flat course.
  • All registered participants received red dry fit technical t-shirts and winners in the age division received another technical shirt in white.
  • Race started on time and was very organized. 🙂
  • There were several turns in this race but plenty of volunteers to make sure no one got lost.  There was a worker at every turn and at each mile there was a volunteer calling out times.  Thank you!!


  • The only slight negative for the race was that there were no chips for timing.  However, if you wanted to race this competitively there was plenty of room at the starting line. There was only one second difference between the official time and my Garmin time so NO BIGGIE!

Mile 1- 6:22- I felt good.  The first quarter mile was fast.  A few times I looked down to see a 5 so I knew I took off fast.  There were two ladies in front of me from the start but by the half mile marker I had passed them both.  My brother-in-law (also a former college cross country runner) was pacing with me during this mile so it was nice to have a “teammate.”
Mile 2- 6:35- I actually still felt good and this surprised me! The last few 5 K’s I have run in I have had a side stitch early on but not today! I was very pleased to see an average in the 6:30’s for mile 2.
Mile 3- 6:30- This mile surprised me even more than Mile 2.  I usually get slower each mile of a 5K.  For some crazy reason I actually sped up this mile because I still felt good and I knew this was the end of the race. 
Mile 3.1- 0.33 (5:46 pace)- I saw the clock and realized I just might break the 20 minute mark. I missed it by 2 seconds BUT I felt great about my performance. 

Total Race Time- 20:00, 6:27 avg. pace for 3.1 miles


 Sprinting in the last .10

Official Time: 20:01
I went into this race just wanting to break 21 minutes.  If this race taught me anything, it is that sometimes I set my own limits on what I think I am capable of doing.  I know deep down I am still capable of running sub 20. I am SO ready for my next 5K in 2 weeks.  
This brings me to my next point- 5K’s are not that scary! Let’s be honest.  Many long distance runners fear and avoid running 5K’s at all costs.  They are fast, short and INTIMIDATING.  I get more nervous for a 5 and 10K than any other race.  Why do I run them then? Because they make me a better runner. 
In two weeks I am going to tackle a 5K head on and I will break 20 minutes. 

Did I mention that Abi also walk/ ran this 5K… She walked the first 2 miles with my in-laws and I jogged back to her during my cool down and ran the last mile back with her.  Look at her amazing kick at the end!
 My In-laws are training to walk their second Half Marathon in a few weeks.  They are FAST walkers!
 Check out my preggo little sister, Tessa.  She ran in the mile fun run… and won!

 Me with my girls after the race
Thank you, John, for being a wonderful race photographer while also holding an 8 month-old!

4 thoughts on “Micah Rine Wildcate Legacy 5K- Race Report

  1. Fantastic job, lady! YES. you need another 5k or 10k soon. They scare me to death too..5’s especially. I think it’s because there’s so little opportunity to make up for anything. but that’s good! More adrenaline 🙂
    I am SURE you will break 20 next time!!

  2. Hi Tia!!!! Thank u for your sweet comment on my blog the other day!! Really appreciate it! Okay…. U totally rocked this 5k girl!!! WoW! U are so fast!! I am impressed!! I am excited to read about your next one!!!!! Amazing!!

  3. Thanks so much Raina & Nicole!! I appreciate all the encouragement! I have enjoyed reading about your racing and training. You two are very inspiring! 🙂

  4. Tia! You are awesome! I’m so glad we’ve connected. You did so awesome! I still have not broken that 20 min mark…grrr. I need to get over my fear of 5ks and just embrace them! Loved reading your post here. Congrats! YOu’ve totally got a sub 20 in you next time!!

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