A HARD easy run and guess who is 9 months old now?!

A HARD easy run and guess who is 9 months old now?!

SO, first things first…

My little Ashton is 9 months old today!!
Yes, has it already been 9 months since that snowy day in January when I held my little boy for the first time?
Holding my sweet baby boy- January 11, 2011
I knew at that moment our family was complete.  The past 9 months have not gone exactly as I thought they would and as a family we have had some ups and downs (with most of the “downs” being health-related) but we have grown closer together.  I am SO thankful for my four healthy children! I know that in the big picture, my stress fracture and John’s pneumonia could have been much worse.  God knew that I needed to slow things down and take a break from trying to be a running machine.  Having 2 solid months of no physical activity was hard to deal with at the time but it sure made me get my priorities in order!
And now on to the running portion of the post… This morning Kem and I had our long run of the week scheduled.  As usual, we were following our “easy” 8 minute pace schedule plan but for some reason it did not feel so easy today.  We both felt tired and our legs were heavy.  Kem had run her tempo yesterday and I had that 5K Saturday so maybe that was my problem.  Whatever was going on, we were having a tough time keeping up the pace.  I did end up averaging a 7:58 for the run but that is only because with 2 miles to go I realized I was going to be LATE getting home if I didn’t book it.  I knew John needed to get to work so I had to fly! The last two miles were definitely more of a tempo run.  Not the way I wanted to pace it but when you gotta get home you do what you have to do!
Here were the splits:
Mile 1- 8:53
Mile 2- 8:01
Mile 3- 8:06
Mile 4- 7:59
Mile 5- 8:21
Mile 6- 7:57
Mile 7- 8:02
Mile 8- 7:57
Mile 9- 7:54
Mile 10- 8:01
Mile 11- 7:54
Mile 12- 7:49
Mile 13- 7:55
Mile 14- 7:54
Mile 15- 7:18
Mile 16- 7:20
TOTAL TIME- 2:08:36
TOTAL MILEAGE- 16.15 @ 7:58 avg.
As you can see our pace was all over the place.  Got to get this under control.  My hardest run of the week is on Friday.  It is an 8 mile tempo.  It will be my last long tempo before the half.  Hopefully I will be able to rest my legs and get in a day of cross training and a true “easy” shorter run before then.

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  1. I found you through comment on my blog. Thanks! I think your splits on this run were actually pretty good—you started slower and got faster. I am on to check out some of your 5K tips!

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