Back to Back Long Runs {sort of…}

Back to Back Long Runs {sort of…}

This time of year is an exciting time for runners…. It’s the start of a new racing season- whether you’re training for a marathon or a 5K (or something in between).  For me I am planning to race just about everything in the next 3 months! I have 2 5K’s, a 10K, 2 half marathons and a marathon.  I’ve made some training adjustments to my schedule.  Obviously, my main goal is the Houston Marathon in January.  My training is geared toward that race.  However, I like to race 1-2 half marathons in any marathon training cycle and I like to race a 10K in preparation for a half marathon. 

This weekend I am running in a local 5K so I had to re-arrange my long run.  Instead of doing it Saturday my friend and I ran our 15 miles today.  We had just run 14 on Saturday (3 days ago) so to me this was a pretty close swing.  Pre-stress fracture Tia would not worry so much about it but I am a little more aware of those kinds of things now.  That is why yesterday instead of doing the tempo with Kem I just did 4 miles on the elliptical.  I know MANY long distance and ultra runners do back to back long runs all the time and they wouldn’t even classify a run 3 days apart to be back to back.  Hopefully within 6 months it won’t be a big deal to me either.  By then, my pelvic bone should be completely healed and I won’t feel like I have to baby it as much!

So, Saturday our 14 mile run averaged a 7:56 pace.  Again, my goal was to keep the 15 mile run under 8 if possible.  We did! Today we averaged at 7:58 for our 15.  We talked the entire time and it always felt like an “easy” run in that sense.  Now my legs definitely felt heavier today than they were Saturday.  Our first half was slower than our second half. 

These faster paced long runs have really been helping me mentally.  I would really like to see what I am capable in Houston.  I am thinking about aiming for a 7:45 pace.  I guess I’ll see how my 20 mile runs go.  My first 20 miler is next month, a week before Thanksgiving.

Well, enough blogging for today.  I will post my 5K goals soon!
Today’s Garmin splits:

Mile 1- 8:24
Mile 2- 8:05
Mile 3-8:04
Mile 4- 8:05
Mile 5- 8:03
Mile 6- 8:01
Mile 7- 7:56
Mile 8- 8:04
Mile 9- 7:54
Mile10- 7:44
Mile 11- 7:52
Mile 12- 7:52
Mile 13- 7:51
Mile 14- 7:52
Mile 15- 7:34

Total Time- 1:59:32/ 15 Miles/ Avg. Mile- 7:58

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  1. Thanks- No worries! I am not the best at commenting either. I am just thrilled to have found other moms like me. When I first started this running blog I felt alone in a sense. During the last few months I have discovered that there are so many other moms out there all learning to juggle kids, life and running. It’s been so helpful to me. It’s nice to know I’m not alone! 🙂

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