You know you’re obsessed when…

You know you’re obsessed when…

This morning as I stepped into a freezing cold ice bath- while holding a protein smoothie I had just made I realized I was maybe crossing the line from hobby to obsession… This is actually the third ice bath I’ve taken in a week.  Our ice maker has been busy…  Anyway, at first I thought it was the ice bath pushing me over the edge but then I started thinking how many people push themselves to run 6 miles at a sub seven pace… for fun? That may be more crazier than the ice bath…

I was a little bored so here is a lovely picture from my view in the ice bath… Why yes, those are ice cubes floating around by my feet!
Today’s tempo went exactly as planned.  After a warm up mile I was focused on my overall goal.  6 sub-7 minute miles. 
Mile 1- 6:59 (yikes- cutting it close there!)
Mile 2- 6:49
Mile 3- 6:48
Mile 4- 6:45
Mile 5- 6:49
Mile 6- 6:54 (I was really running out of steam the last quarter mile!)
Total time- 41:07, Average pace for 6 mile tempo- 6:51
Last month my average for 4 miles tempo was: 7:11
Two months ago my average for 2 miles tempo was: 7:01
It is such a confidence booster to look at the past few months and see my hard work and training reflected in my times.  Progress is being made and I know it has everything to do with God.  Five months ago I wasn’t even running.  I was depressed and frustrated with my injury.  I am SO thankful to be where I am today and I do not take it for granted.
The week is not over… I have another challenging run tomorrow.  1 mile warm-up and then 11 miles at an 8 minute pace. Will I be taking another ice bath when that’s over?  You betcha!

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  1. In the world of long distance running, ice baths are a MUST! They help treat muscle soreness, strain, and inflammation. It really helps speed up recovery between workouts too. Basically, I just get in and soak for 12 minutes. The first minute is the WORST but after that I am pretty much numb.

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