Race Report- Chilis 5K Queso

Race Report- Chilis 5K Queso

Yesterday I ran in the Chilis 5Queso Run.  Overall, it was a great first time event race. 
All proceeds of this race went to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  I love supporting St. Jude’s whenever I have the opportunity.  The race staff was very friendly and for a local 5K the race swag was great! The t-shirts are very festive and fitted- not like most race tee’s. Also, biggest pro- NO STRESS FRACTURE AREA PAIN AT ALL! I was a little nervous going into the race about this but SF area did not bother me one time! Thank you, God!
One word overwhelmingly describes this race- HOT! This was the first year this race was run and the race director thought a 9 am start time would be sufficient.  That might work for a Thanksgiving or Christmas race but not in early September in Arkansas! By starting time the temp was in the mid 80’s with HIGH humidity.  There were two water stations (miles 1 & 2) but no water immediately at the finish.  The water was another quarter mile past the finish at the pavilion area.  Once I got there I asked if they could please move the water to the finish area.  They did.
Mile 1- 6:35– Felt pretty good.  This is actually slower than I usually go out in a 5K but again, it has been about a year and a half since my last racing 5K so I was being a little cautious and I’m glad I was! I knew I was first female runner from the 1/2 mile marker when the college age girl who was ahead of me instantly stopped running. 
Mile 2- 6:42- I was starting to run out of gas! I’ll just blame it on the heat and humidity…
Mile 3- 6:57- Yes, I slowed down big time this mile.  I was actually surprised it was not a 7- something.  It seemed like every time I looked down at my watch it was 7 something and I knew I was in trouble! At this point, I was just trying to hang on and not let anyone pass me.  I also knew it would be tough to make my goal time if I slowed down.
Mile 3.1- 0:43 (5:43 pace)- I gave it everything I had which wasn’t a lot. I REALLY wanted to break 21 minutes but I believe my finish time was exactly 21:00.  Just another reminder that every second counts!
Total Race Time- 21:00 (Garmin), 6:42 avg. pace for 3.13 miles
Kicking it in at the end! 
 My biggest fans!
 Cloverdale Running Club!
 1st Place Female Overall!

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