Good Times: Run Happy!

Good Times: Run Happy!

What a week! Again, only 4 days of running but I feel good about all the runs.  Check out my new shirt…

I went to Conway with my mother-in-law and Ashton yesterday for a relaxing day of shopping.  First stop- The Sporty Runner. 

I have only been there once before but it is a great one stop shop for runners!  I found this shirt and had to add it to my running collection!! After so many months of not running at all- how could I not Run Happy?! 🙂
I also stocked up on GU so I would be set for my upcoming long runs.  It feels SO GOOD to be able to do “long runs” again.  Every runner’s definition of a long run is different but for me it is anything 10 miles or longer.  Ideally, more than 12 miles but I will take a 10 or 11 any day!

As far as my work-outs this week, I am feeling good about my training and more specifically stress fracture healing.  I am starting to notice less “achiness” the night after a tough workout.  Maybe within a few more weeks I can add in a 5th day of running…

Monday– 7 miles w/ a 3.5 mile tempo (tempo avg. 6:48)
Mile1- 6:55
Mile2- 6:58
Mile 3- 6:37
Mile 3.5- 3:19 (6:37 avg. pace
Tuesday– 6 miles easy (8:24 avg.)
Thursday- 7.5 miles w/ 5 mile tempo (tempo avg. 6:49)
Mile 1- 6:52
Mile 2- 6:58
Mile 3- 6:49
Mile 4- 6:45
Mile 5- 6:43

Saturday– 11.5 miles easy (8:14 avg.) *This is now my longest run since March!

Feeling good after Monday’s tempo- my fastest one yet.

This training cycle is very different than any other I have ever done.  I wouldn’t call it normal or recommend it to anyone, unless maybe they were trying to ease back into competitive running after a sacral stress fracture.  Hmmmm… I don’t know of many who would fall into that category… 🙂

Besides only running 4 days, I usually like to have one track workout a week.  Unfortunately, my body is not quite ready for the speed of shorter track runs so that is one reason why I am doing tempo runs two days a week instead of one. I am doing my long runs faster than I have done them in the past.  I guess you could say I am experimenting.  Some running experts say to run longer runs at 60-90 seconds slower than race pace.  Others say to keep it closer to race pace.  My actual marathon race pace will be around a 7:45 so an 8:15 is still 30 seconds slower. Now an 8:15 minute mile pace is 60-75 seconds slower than my half marathon pace so maybe that will help with the two half’s I have coming up.  We’ll see.

Totally non running related… I did go to the fair with my kids this week and it was so much fun!! I love the rides, I love the food…


Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend….


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