Finding My Identity

Finding My Identity

Last night in my Ladies Bible class at church, we were in smaller break out groups talking about finding our identity.  My discussion group leader made the point that we all have many different roles and sometimes we have a hard time finding who we are as an individual. 
                                                                       Being a Wife

                                                                   Being a Mother

Being a Daughter

                                                                      Being a Sister

                                                                   Being a Friend


It can be a lot to juggle and I can see how some would feel like they have “lost themselves” in the midst of it all.  As I sat in my group and listened to some of the ladies I got a glimpse of what I would be feeling if I didn’t have running, one of the gifts God has given me.  Running is something that I can do for me.  I know I am not an amazing Olympic athlete.  I know I will never set records or compete at that level.  I will never be sponsored or paid to compete.  And that is ok with me!  Those are not the reasons I run.  I have my own set of goals and dreams when it comes to running. 

God has blessed me with all of my roles.  I give him all of the credit.  One of my “roles” happens to be Tia, the runner and I feel like by having this outlet, I am daily motivated to be a better wife, mother, etc.  John knows that I am not “settling” in to my 30’s.  He knows I am going to keep pushing myself to stay in shape and be fit.  I hope he feels motivated and encouraged by my example.  I want my kids to grow up with an active, healthy mom who can do things with them.  I love being able to chase them and pick them up and swing them around.  I love playing “catch” with them and knowing I can still outrun them.  (It may not be that much longer- Abi is getting fast!)

One of the ladies in my group was saying that between her job, kids and home she didn’t have any time for herself.  She said she didn’t even know what she would want to do if she had the time.  Sadly, I feel like there are many woman who can relate.  Running isn’t for everyone.  I know that.  But I know God gives us so many good things and we need to find whatever talent God has blessed us with and use it.  For this time in my life, I have running.  I don’t know how long I will have it but I plan on doing the best I can with what God has given me. 

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