Month: September 2011

The Stress Fracture- 6 Months Later…

What a crazy week.  Coming off of the running high from last week, I guess there was only one way to go… DOWN. I know I shouldn’t let my emotions and psyche be so connected with being able to run but that’s who I am…  Monday was a regular tempo run.  I had not run at all over the weekend

16 Weeks!!

This weekend it hit me that my marathon is only 16 weeks away! Let the official countdown begin! I have already began training but at least I know the big race IS coming… I was testing out some shots on my phone on the way home from church and for some reason I liked this one, don’t ask me why…

Just getting out the door…

Right now one of my biggest running “challenges” is literally just leaving the house.  I scheduled today’s 12 mile run on Sunday.  I planned when and where my running friend and I were going to meet.  I had my older two children’s clothes and shoes laid out last night, as well as my running clothes and gear packed.  I woke

You know you’re obsessed when…

This morning as I stepped into a freezing cold ice bath- while holding a protein smoothie I had just made I realized I was maybe crossing the line from hobby to obsession… This is actually the third ice bath I’ve taken in a week.  Our ice maker has been busy…  Anyway, at first I thought it was the ice bath

Good Times: Run Happy!

What a week! Again, only 4 days of running but I feel good about all the runs.  Check out my new shirt… I went to Conway with my mother-in-law and Ashton yesterday for a relaxing day of shopping.  First stop- The Sporty Runner.    I have only been there once before but it is a great one stop shop for

Finding My Identity

Last night in my Ladies Bible class at church, we were in smaller break out groups talking about finding our identity.  My discussion group leader made the point that we all have many different roles and sometimes we have a hard time finding who we are as an individual.                                                                        Being a Wife                                                                    Being a Mother   Being a Daughter

4 Days

One of the hardest things about returning to running after a stress fracture is finding the right balance of rest and running.  Right now, the magic number seems to be 4.  My body seems to be able to handle running 4 days a week.  I would like to be able to move on to 5 soon (and maybe someday 6)

What I DID do today…

What a day! First of all, let me just say what I did NOT do today… Laundry, errands or any housework.  I had all 4 kids home and I decided early on it was going to be a fun day. A Few Highlights from today- Labor Day 2011… 1. Woke up early and ran 7 easy recovery miles with a

Race Report- Chilis 5K Queso

Yesterday I ran in the Chilis 5Queso Run.  Overall, it was a great first time event race.  PROS: All proceeds of this race went to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  I love supporting St. Jude’s whenever I have the opportunity.  The race staff was very friendly and for a local 5K the race swag was great! The t-shirts are very festive

5K Tomorrow… Ready or Not!

Tomorrow morning I am racing in my first 5K since May of 2010. It was the 4-H 5K and I had found out just a few days before the race that I was pregnant! It was also Abi’s first 5K.  I believe my time was a 20:54. My goal for tomorrow is to beat that time! I want to break