Back in the Groove

Back in the Groove

Pneumonia Update:
Life is getting back to normal and I am very thankful for that! John is resting and feeling a little better every day.  He actually came home from the hospital Thursday night and has been taking it very easy at home.  I am so glad he is home and on the mend! Thank you, God!!

Running Stuff:
After taking 4 days off I got after it! You already know about Thursday’s 3 mile stroller run with all the kids.  Then Friday I did a tempo run with Kem.  Saturday was an easy 7, Sunday off, Monday easy 4 and this morning another tempo.  I have a long way to go in both speed and distance but I know I am getting back in shape. 

I really need to finalize my training schedule.  Official training for Soaring Wings Half starts in a week or two.  Marathon training doesn’t start until October so I should have a good base by then.  I have been very careful about mileage increase.  I still have not run a double digit run yet.  Tomorrow is going to be 8.  I should be at 10 miles with a few weeks.  I am just increasing very slowly.  My focus right now is more on pace than distance.

Running/ Baby:
Ashton is now 6 months and his sleeping schedule is all over the place.  Some nights he does great. For example, two nights ago he slept for 12 hours and only woke up once in between to nurse.  Then take last night- he woke up every two hours.  Once he ate at 5:40 I just stayed up and got dressed to run.  Apparently he woke up right after I left and wouldn’t go back to sleep for John.  So that didn’t go as planned.  Not sure how to get this worked out but it will.  At least I’m squeezing in a run, right?



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