Month: August 2011

First Track Workout: Post Stress Fracture

It has now been 5 months since the dreaded stress fracture occurred.  I have been running and increasing mileage slowly.  Last week I finally hit 30 miles for the first time since March. I am running in a 5 K on Saturday and yesterday I had 8 400’s on my training schedule.  Not a tough workout- I actually love track workouts.  

First DOUBLE DIGIT Run- Post Stress Fracture!!

Here is a post I have been wanting to write for a long time!  The many months of heartache, pain, disappointment, rehab, determination, training and overall PATIENCE paid off this morning when I ran pain free for 10 miles!  In fact, I felt GREAT!  Up until this morning my last “long” run was the 12 mile run I did during

Go For It!
Go For It!

Today I had a great run. I’m not gonna lie.  I felt good.  It’s ironic that it was exactly one week from my horrible running tempo disaster.  I had the same workout even.  Not one time did the thought of stopping cross my mind.  In fact, I only had 4 miles tempo planned but I was feeling so good I

When is it “OK” to quit?

Do you ever those days when you just want to STOP running (or whatever your form of exercise is) and just call it quits?  I do not have those days often but when I do I can usually talk myself into finishing.  Not this time… A few days ago I had another tempo run.  It did NOT go as planned.  Basically,


This morning I had another tempo run.  My legs felt fresh after taking yesterday off so I was ready to go! Mile 1- 9:45 (warm-up)Mile 2- 7:19Mile 3- 7:20Mile 4- 7:09Mile 5- 6:54Mile 6- 9:58 (cool-down) My 4 mile tempo average was a 7:11 pace.  I feel pretty good about it.  It’s hard to imagine keeping that pace for 9 more

Back to School- Running Style!
Back to School- Running Style!

 Today was the first day of school for my oldest.  I have a 2ND GRADER now!! Today also marks the start of a new running “season” for my training partner and I. Ok, we don’t just run together.  Sometimes we have coffee together too! We are now 12 weeks away from our next Half Marathon.  I am less than 24

Don’t Overdo it: Running Back to Back Days Post Stress Fracture

As you know, last week my mileage and training was thrown off because of a very sick husband. Once John was home from the hospital, I fought back hard and ran Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Yes, that is six days of running with only one day off in the middle.  Wouldn’t be a big deal to a runner

Back in the Groove

Pneumonia Update:Life is getting back to normal and I am very thankful for that! John is resting and feeling a little better every day.  He actually came home from the hospital Thursday night and has been taking it very easy at home.  I am so glad he is home and on the mend! Thank you, God!! Running Stuff:After taking 4