Our very own race…

Our very own race…

This past weekend we hosted a family reunion at my house. My family has several runners so I thought it would be fitting to have a 5K. The more I thought about it I really wanted everyone to participate (including my parents and the grandchildren) so that meant shortening the event to a One Mile Fun Run.

The good stuff: We had 17 participants and Abi made race bibs for everyone. They were numbered in birth order. (My dad’s bib said “Grandpa- 1 all the way through Ashton who was bib # 17!) We used our double and single stroller to push the littlest ones. We ran around the new neighborhood “track” that is .25 each time around so we could keep an eye on each other the whole time.

The hard stuff: it really was really HOT outside (in the 90’s and climbing!) by the time we got started so that probably contributed to making it feel like the longest mile ever. there’s a reason summer 5K’s start at 8 am or earlier. NOT 9:15!

Overall, it was fun and I’m glad we did it. (I’m also very glad it was not a 5K because I don’t know how many would have completed it in this heat!)

Everyone left yesterday and I spent the day resting and looking at my house wondering where to start with all the cleaning. I should have exercised but I was worn out from all the festivities so I did nothing. I did run 3 out of the 5 days we had company but it was slow and low mileage. This morning I ran 4 at a better pace and I’m ready to get back into my routine. Here’s to a better running week!


2 thoughts on “Our very own race…

  1. Judging by everybody’s squinty eyes it must be mighty toasty up there in Arkansas. I’m back in Jupiter after moving around a bit, and the weather here is beautiful. A little rain to keep things green, ocean breeze… ahhh. I get the wife and kids motivated for a beach run by offering to take them out on the boat to Peanut Island. How do you get ALL the kids on board to run with the family? I applaud you! You must be quite the motivator 🙂 Besides, you’ve got to burn off that 4th of July cookie (I subbed out angel food cake for cookie and it was Awesome)

    Stay cool,

    An old friend

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