Vacation Exercise?

Vacation Exercise?

Guess where we were? You guessed it!

We just got home from a week long vacation to the beach. It was WONDERFUL!! So relaxing. Well, as relaxing as any trip with 4 young children can be. You know what I mean. We spent lots of time soaking up the sun in the pool or the lazy river (our condo was amazing) and the beach.

One might ask- do you still exercise when you are on vacation? The answer- OF COURSE!! While I am not in serious training for any race, I am desperately (and cautiously) trying to get back into things after my stress fracture. I worked out on the elliptical in the workout room 3 days and I ran outside 2 mornings. I would have loved to run outside more but I have been spreading out my runs. I ran 4 miles one day (I walked 4 minutes ever 15 minutes) and then I ran 5 miles another day. (I walked for 2 minutes every twenty minutes.) It feels SO good to be exercising again! I do NOT take running or any physical activity for that matter for granted anymore. I am finally getting to do what I love and I cherish it!!


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