I am very paranoid about this stress fracture. Any little twinge or weird feeling I get that is around the stress fracture area causes me to panic. “Am I doing too much? Is this normal? Is this all part of the healing/ getting back in shape process?” Since this is my first stress fracture (and hopefully my last), the recovery process is all new to me.

Today I jogged one mile twice (with a half mile walk in between) and then finished with jogging a half mile. I felt fine while running but as the day went on at different times I would move a certain way and feel an all too familiar annoying “twinge” in the stress fracture area. I know I’m not 100% but I don’t just want to lay on the couch for the next 6 months waiting either. I need to do something. I’m just going off what my doctor said and he seemed to think that if it didn’t hurt while exercising it should be ok. It may just be residual area healing around the stress fracture. I’m going to cross train again tomorrow and I’ll try running again in two days.

I know I should be happy about running a mile (twice) but it’s so easy to get down when this is not where I want to be right now. I long for the days when I can just go out and run freely. Free and fast. I miss it.

Well, enough complaining. One day at a time and at least I did run today. It wasn’t as far or as fast as I’d have liked it to be but I WILL get there.


4 thoughts on “Paranoia?

  1. I know this feeling extremely well. You will have your good days and your bad days as you progress. Some days it will feel like its gone and then some days you will be really scared. Just pay attention to your body and as long as its not painful then you are OK. If it is extra sore and or something like that then take a day off after.

  2. Thanks!! That helps. I will be SO glad when this is all behind me. I am thankful that it’s so much better than it was a few months ago but I NEVER want to go through this again so I am being extra cautious.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment today on my blog. I don’t know why I am so down about the summer. I look around and everything makes me happy except this running situation…but it could be worse. Bummed that you are injured 🙁 hugs ~ dorothy

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