Month: June 2011

Starting Over…

This morning I met Kem again for a 3.5 mile run. We ended up averaging an 8:26 for the run so it was my best pace since the injury. It has been almost 13 weeks since this all went down and I must say that the entire run felt GREAT! I felt NO stress fracture area discomfort AT ALL!! While

I GOT IN!!!!

What will I be doing on January 15, 2012?? Hopefully running in the Houston Chevron Marathon! I just got an email from confirming my lottery registration! I am SO glad!! This is the marathon I wanted to do but this year they decided to make guaranteed entry only to qualified applicants and sadly my only recent qualifying race was

5×7 Folded Card

Dream Sketch 5×7 folded card Modern greeting cards and

Vacation Exercise?

Guess where we were? You guessed it! We just got home from a week long vacation to the beach. It was WONDERFUL!! So relaxing. Well, as relaxing as any trip with 4 young children can be. You know what I mean. We spent lots of time soaking up the sun in the pool or the lazy river (our condo was

11 Weeks Later…

I’m not trying to be dramatic but it has now been over 11 weeks since my last real week of running. This morning I did something I have not done in 11 weeks— I ran with a friend!!! It was wonderful! It reminded me of one of the reasons why I LOVE to run. I have missed the girl talk

Can I do it?

Tomorrow morning I am actually running with someone!! I can hardly believe it. I haven’t ran with anyone since my fast 12 mile run which occurred a few days before my stress fracture- at the end of March. That run was with the same person I am meeting in the morning- Kem. I am so excited and a little nervous.


I am very paranoid about this stress fracture. Any little twinge or weird feeling I get that is around the stress fracture area causes me to panic. “Am I doing too much? Is this normal? Is this all part of the healing/ getting back in shape process?” Since this is my first stress fracture (and hopefully my last), the recovery

My New Friend…

Meet one of my new friends… the Garmin 405. I am fairly certain that we will quickly become very close running buddies! I loved my 305 and used it on just about every outside run I did these past few years. If you do not have a Garmin watch and you run outside- you need to get one. Totally worth

The Stress Fracture Comeback…

I am finally in the process of coming back!! Thank you, God! Today marks 10 weeks since the fateful 5 mile treadmill run. Here’s where I am at: 1. Still taking Calcium and Vitamin D supplements. I need to make my bones strong and stay strong! 2. Still Cross Training– today was 4 miles (and 52 minutes) on the elliptical.

Walking with a side of jogging…

Last night I walked 3 miles. This is the longest I have walked so far since my stress fracture. I actually jogged a small part of it and ….. NO PAIN!! Right next to my house is a little neighborhood loop that is just over a quarter mile. I walked both straightaways and one of the curves but I jogged