Walking Test #2

Walking Test #2

PROGRESS!! Today’s workout was a fast 2 mile walk. I had to do 30 minutes of walking fast and I must admit that averaging a 15 minute mile pace is tougher than it sounds! It is a lot easier for me to run a 10 minute mile than walk a 15 minute mile! Does that make any sense? I’ve got to hand it to my in-laws- they typically walk 15 minute miles every time they go walking. In fact, when they did the St. Jude’s Half Marathon in December they averaged just over 15 minute miles the entire time! That’s some fast walking!

The good news- I didn’t feel any stress fracture pain. So I will walk 35 minutes on Monday. Next Saturday I will shoot for 45 minutes. The bad news- I don’t think I will be ready for the October 1st Half Marathon that I was planning to run. I am registered for one Oct. 29 that I should be ready for but I just don’t want to rush into training. This process is SLOW. You cannot rush a stress fracture recovery. I’m SO thankful that I am able to do the little bit that I can do and I just have to be realistic in my racing plans. I’m going to need those 4 extra weeks in October to continue building my base in training.

When I got home I started my new workout routine. It involves abs and a few exercise sets with weights. I’m trying to strengthen my core which should hopefully help minimize any future SI issues. Plus, I still have weight to lose… One day at a time.

Today while I was rocking Ashton it really hit me that he is my last baby and I want to savor every moment. I was just hugging him and wishing that if I could bottle the moment then I would. I love being a mom and having time at home with my children. They don’t stay little very long and there are days when it is easy to get overwhelmed, overworked and I can’t wait until it is bedtime. This afternoon as I held him I just kept thinking that someday he will be grown and all my babies will be gone. I won’t be able to hold him like this. I just want to enjoy every moment.

~Runner Mom

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