Miles or Minutes??

Miles or Minutes??

This morning I had another date with the elliptical machine. I knew wanted to go just a little bit further than last time (as long as I felt good). On Friday I had gone for 31 minutes because I wanted to make it an even 2.5 miles. John had said to just go for 30 minutes but how could I stop at 2.4 miles? I always prefer to stop at an even mile. When that is not possible (not enough time/ injury recovery) I will stop at the half. So today I knew I wanted to get in an even 3 miles. It took me just under 36 minutes to do but I honestly felt great. Afterwards I stretched really good and did 100 crunches.

John doesn’t usually care about mileage when he first starts back. He just goes for time. But I’m sorry- saying, “I ran for 26 minutes” just doesn’t sound the same as “I ran 3 miles.” I always like to keep track of the mileage!

When you run (or bike, swim, elliptical, etc.) do you go for time or mileage?


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