Month: May 2011

Thank you, Pete Pfitzinger!

This week I officially started my pre-recovery/ running plan. I have been doing a lot of stress fracture recovery research and I found a great plan online by Pete Pfitzinger (Yes, the author of Advanced Marathoning.) I am a week and a half from my BIG walking test. If I can walk 60 minutes 3 times in a week I

5×7 Folded Card

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Walking Test #2

PROGRESS!! Today’s workout was a fast 2 mile walk. I had to do 30 minutes of walking fast and I must admit that averaging a 15 minute mile pace is tougher than it sounds! It is a lot easier for me to run a 10 minute mile than walk a 15 minute mile! Does that make any sense? I’ve got

8 Weeks Ago…

8 Weeks ago I stepped on a treadmill for an easy 5 mile recovery run. I had just come off of a great workout (12 miles faster than marathon goal pace) and was feeling like I was finally ready for Boston. I was so close I could taste it! 8 weeks seems like forever ago. Over the past 8 weeks

Summer is here…

School’s out for the summer and everyone’s home! I honestly love this time of year. I love when we’re all together and I don’t have to make sure lunches are packed, homework is done and we leave the house at a certain time to get to school. They are still not to the age where they sleep in. That would

Miles or Minutes??

This morning I had another date with the elliptical machine. I knew wanted to go just a little bit further than last time (as long as I felt good). On Friday I had gone for 31 minutes because I wanted to make it an even 2.5 miles. John had said to just go for 30 minutes but how could I

The Walking Test- Pt. 1

Several different stress fracture recovery websites I’ve researched mention doing a “Walking Test” before returning to running. Basically, once the stress fracture area hasn’t hurt in a few weeks you can try walking. The idea is to build up to being able to walk briskly for 60 minutes without feeling any pain. Once you can do this 3 times you

Cute Boys and Elliptical Training

How cute are these boys?! They get their good looks from their daddy. I bought them these matching outfits yesterday and had to get a pic! There is almost a 5 year age gap between them so this may be the one and only season they can match. Rocky is going to outgrow 5T soon and move out of the

Weight Issues

Every time I have a baby, it generally takes me about a year to get myself back to normal. Baby weight does not come off easy for me and I have to work hard for every single pound. This time has been especially difficult as I am also dealing with a stress fracture. Losing weight comes down to two things-

Bones, Bikes and Babies

It’s been a few days since I last wrote. I’ll admit, there have been times when I’ve been a little discouraged to write in my running blog since I am not running. I’ve been so paranoid about my bone healing that I’ve given up exercise. Temporarily. After researching sacrum stress fractures and reading about stress fractures in general, I found