Swimmer Mom?

Swimmer Mom?

Very funny! No, I am definitely NOT what you would call a swimmer. The correct description of me would be someone impersonating a swimmer who desperately needs swimming lessons!

Yesterday was officially 2 weeks from when the doctor told me I could go swimming. So, following doctors orders, I decided to go for a swim! Fortunately, I have free access to a large indoor Olympic-size pool- thanks to the University where my husband works. The down-side- not so great pool hours! Last night the pool was available from 10-11 PM. The other option would be to go from 5-6:15 am but honestly, with a nursing baby his schedule is much more predictable at night. All four kids were asleep before 10 so it worked. Did it feel a little weird to be heading out to exercise at 9:50 pm? Yes, it did. Did I feel great after doing it? YES, I DID!!!

I swam the length of the pool and back 10 times which was a little over a half of a mile. This took me about 25 minutes. I had to stop between laps. I can’t remember the last time I swam laps. There was one other person in the pool during this time- a college girl who looked like a professional swimmer next to me. After swimming my laps, I put on my swim/jog belt. I love it!! I jogged in the water for another 15 minutes. My lower back did not hurt at all- everything felt great. Overall, it was a very encouraging workout. I would like to learn a few swimming strokes and I need my own swim cap and goggles. I borrowed Abi’s goggles which I promptly returned to her backpack since she has swimming lessons after school today! When I arrived home (a little after 11PM) I ate a banana, drank some water and logged my workout in DailyMile– for the first time in almost a month. It feels good to be back!!

~Runner Mom

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