Letting it all sink in…

Letting it all sink in…

Today I cancelled our Boston plane tickets, rental car and hotel room which made not going seem very official. Travelling with a baby is hard enough when you are feeling well and as much as I would LOVE to cheer for my running girls I think it would be too much stress on my body. So that is that. After cancelling everything, I did buy myself a nice Boston running jacket from the registered Boston Marathon Apparel on the Adidas website. It says “Boston Qualifier” on it. At least this injury can’t take that away from me. I WILL run Boston someday. I do not have any doubt about that. It just wasn’t meant to happen this time.

For now I have to rest. Is that possible with 4 children ages 6 and under?!?! I am trying to learn what I can from all of this and maybe God wants me to take a break from running. I know I tend to get obsessed with running and training. Most avid runners are the same way. I am no exception. However, I did have a baby 3 months ago and I know I most likely pushed myself too hard too fast. (Let’s see, running that 20 miler with a 10 week-old probably wasn’t the smartest thing I ever did…)

I need to heal so that I can be the wife and mom I need to be for my family. Right now doing laundry, dishes, giving baths and just carrying Ashton around are strenuous tasks. It’s like going through the recovery from a c-section all over again except I have no idea how long this phase will last. John has been very helpful, even with all he has going on with his PhD. (He just started two new classes this week.) I don’t know how I would make it without him, my mother-in-law and other friends.

Thanks for the messages, texts and phone calls. You are all special to me and I truly appreciate your prayers.



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