Feelin the Love!

Feelin the Love!

Well, after several rough days in a row- yesterday was MUCH better!! My doctor’s appointment went very well! Yes, I do have a stress fracture on my sacrum BUT my doctor seems very confident that I will make a full recovery and will be running and racing again in just a few months. YEAH!!

Right now he doesn’t want me to do ANY exercising for 2 weeks. I just need to rest and take it easy- especially since I am still feeling pain when I walk. In about two weeks I can start swimming, so long as it doesn’t aggravate this area. After two weeks of swimming I can add in some low impact exercises. I can continue doing this for a few weeks and in mid-June I can slowly try jogging. He wants me to be very careful and if I start running and feel ANY pain in this area I need to stop and backtrack a step. Once I am able to run without this lower back pain, I need to start slow and build up a healthy base. In other words- no racing in half marathons after only 3 weeks of running!

My doctor said this was probably caused by a combination of two things: Recent pregnancy/ having baby and jumping back into hard core marathon training. During pregnancy, your body produces a hormone called relaxin which enable muscles, ligaments and cartilage to stretch. After birth, it takes a while for these ligaments to retract to their original positions. Postpartum joint pain can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Breastfeeding can cause further strain on your back if you are not positioned properly.

I knew my training schedule was extremely “aggressive” and that added to the stress put on my pelvic bone. To train safely, it is recommended that runners only increase their mileage 10-15% a week and I know I had weeks that I was increasing my long run mileage by over 50%. I know I did this to myself but I seriously only had 8 weeks to train so I really felt like I had no choice. Oh well, lesson learned!

I didn’t get to run Boston this year but I did get a beautiful, healthy little boy out of it all and that is what REALLY matters anyway!! One of the perks of all my “resting” is just getting to sit and hold my sweet baby. I don’t feel guilty about not cleaning or working around the house. I can just sit and hold my babies!

My sweet in-laws and also some family friends sent me flowers too!!

Then last night after church, several of my friends came and “kidnapped” me for a girls night out to cheer me up!! They bought me a caramel macchiato and cheesecake!! (Two of my favorites!!) Even though most of them are not into running like me they understand what missing Boston means to me. And THAT means a lot to me!

I truly feel blessed to have so many supportive friends and family. My youngest sister Toni even called me from Belgium (she’s studying abroad this semester) this morning just to check up on me. That just made my day!

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