Twas the Night Before a Long Run…

Twas the Night Before a Long Run…

I don’t know if other runners get like this but the night before a long run I always get a little excited. Who wouldn’t get excited about running 20 miles?! Before any long run I’m a little anxious about the upcoming day and looking forward to pushing myself out of my running comfort zone. What do I do the night before a long run? One word- spaghetti, of course! Yes, pasta for dinner is a must! I’ve also been drinking lots of water today. My Spi Belt is loaded with GU and other running “food.” My Garmin is charged. My clothes are laid out. In less than 12 hours I will be running… And in 15 hours- I’ll still be running!! 20 miles is a long way to go… One more thing I will need to do tonight is try to get some sleep!

~Runner Mom

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