Tired Legs…

Tired Legs…

It’s been a long week. Logged in 30 miles, including the race. Yesterday I did a 5 mile paced run. My goal was to finish in under 40 minutes (which means running faster than an 8 minute mile for 5 miles.) I did it with some time to spare but it wore me out. I used to be able to crank out a run like that no problem. This morning was an 8 mile run with the girls. I am definitely going to take tomorrow off and maybe Monday. I am doing 17 on Tuesday so I definitely want to be rested for that. My legs were pretty tight during the run today. I know it’s the increased mileage. I just started running again 4 weeks ago and I’m not increasing miles at the recommended 10-15% per week. So I stretched, iced and rolled after I got home. I really need to do that every time but I just get too busy and distracted. Speaking of… Anthony needs me and I need to lay Ashton down for a nap. He just wants to be held all day! I think in Ashton’s mind he is an only child!

~Runner Mom

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