Time to break out the shorts!

Time to break out the shorts!

Oh boy. The 20 mile run is done and it was a HOT one! Temps in the high 80’s and windy. I know that doesn’t sound hot compared to summer temps but when you are used to colder running weather it was quite a change. My body felt fine but I am sure glad I pulled out shorts and a tank top this morning! I just had to get over my current body image issues long enough to not care. I may have run 20 miles today but my body still looks like I had a baby 10 weeks ago- because I did!

We ran at a 9:31 pace and I felt fine. I did have an annoying side stitch from miles 14-17 but I just had to run through it. I don’t usually get those so hopefully I won’t at Boston. If I do, I’ll just have to run through it. We stopped 3 times for water. It’s hard stopping and starting up again. At least for the marathon we won’t be doing that.

My biggest accomplishment from today’s run was that I was away from Ashton for a little over 4 hours (longest since he’s been born) and he did fine. He nursed really well right before I left and I pumped the rest. So he had a bottle halfway through my run. My milk came in 3 times during the run (miles 6,14 & 19) but it was bearable. Surely in Boston it won’t come in more than 4 times. I think I could have handled even one more hour. It’s just not worth carrying a pump or stopping to me. So that is my current plan. This has been quite the running/ nursing learning experience. I’m pretty sure all the GU and energy snacks I have to eat during long runs are not ideal for a nursing baby. He is a trooper!

So that was my last “long run” before the big race. Next week I have a 12 and the following week an 8. Hopefully one 20 miler will be enough and my body (and my baby) will hang in there! We’re almost there!

~Runner Mom

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