Half Marathon. Check!

Half Marathon. Check!

Usually there is nothing memorable or special about the average workout. Sometimes I feel like I’m just clocking in more miles towards my training goal. Every once in a while there is a workout that stands out among the others. That was the case this morning. I have a feeling I will always remember this one. It was NOT my fastest run by any means but it did provide a lot of hope and encouragement.

This morning I was planning on my first long run with the girls. I had planned on 10 for sure but I knew they were doing 13 and I thought if I was feeling ok, why not go for the whole 13? So I made up my mind to stick it out. I must admit I did start feeling tired at mile 5. Then at mile 8 I just thought- 5 more! Once we passed 10 miles I knew we were close. At mile 12, Kem commented that we would probably finish under 2 hours. That was all the incentive I needed to kick it up a notch. Our last mile was our fastest. We had an 8:37 average for mile 13. I ran an extra .10 because I wanted to have completed a Half Marathon. Ashton was born exactly 7 weeks ago today and Boston is 7 weeks from yesterday. So I’m halfway there. Our total time was 1:59:32. It was a 9:08 average mile. Just 13.1 more to go. But not right now! I am SO SORE!! I am taking tomorrow off and resting my legs. It’s a good feeling to be sore like this again. I did stretch and ice my legs when I came home. No injuries please! Maybe I’m jumping into things too fast but so far so good. That’s all I can say about that.

For now I’m just going to enjoy today’s running victory… and relax!

~Runner Mom

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