Guess what came in the mail today???

Guess what came in the mail today???


Yes, I am ecstatic! Inside is my very important bib pick-up card that I must bring with me to the expo (along with photo ID). There is also a little booklet with race info and instructions which I plan to read from cover to cover. Then there is a little race merchandise and Boston apparel merchandise booklet. I CAN’T WAIT! Today I had a GREAT run! Kem and I met for our 12 mile run. It is our long run of the week (since we started to taper). As we got started she asked me about pace and I asked her if we could try to keep it under 8:30. She said sure so we went for it. We were able to carry on a conversation the whole time and it was comfortable enough. Our pace averaged out to be an 8:19 for the 12. I am feeling pretty good about that. My pace for the Little Rock Half was 8:10 but I was SO SORE and I gave it EVERYTHING I had at the time. That was 4 weeks ago and today I ran relatively the same pace and am feeling fine. I am definitely more in shape now than I was then. So hopefully that means good things for Boston… 🙂

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