Best Running Music

Best Running Music

I do not usually listen to music when I run. *GASP* Yes, I know. I tend to run with people or if I’m alone I like to think and clear my head. And also, I have not added any new music to my IPOD in over a year. So, I plan on adding some new running music to the mix to stir things up and get going again. I googled good running music and below is a handy little list that the Salt Lake Running Company put together. I know I’m getting old when I haven’t heard half the songs on the list. I used to know so much music. I went to concerts and thought music was everything. Not anymore. I still love a good song but there is a lot out there that I don’t want my little ones to hear and face it- I’m with them ALL the time! SO anyway, here is the list. I’m going to see about adding many of these to my IPOD so I can get some new tunes going.

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