A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

This afternoon was GORGEOUS. Perfect weather to be out enjoying some vitamin D. With dinner in the oven, 4 restless kids, and still another 30 minutes to go until John got home I decided to make the most of things and head outdoors. This was actually my first time to do so with all 4. We’ve had Ashton pretty much bundled up indoors all winter and I’m SO glad that the weather is getting warmer now. Abi is actually running in a 5K in 2 weeks so she wanted to go running around our block. Of course, this meant Anthony and Anna wanted to go running too. The neighborhood we live in is fairly new and there is not much traffic. (Infact, the entire time we were outside only one vehicle drove past us.) I actually let Abi wear my Garmin so we could keep track of her mileage. (I know, I’m creating a mini-Tia!) She wanted to try to do a mile. I pushed Ashton in a stroller and sort of jog/ walked to keep up with the kids. They all ran most of it- even Anna! It was great to see them running out some of their energy. Abi is very excited about doing another 5K and John is going to run with her.

I’m anxious to see how the race goes. I am running in it too and have no idea what to expect! My friend Shannon is going to pace with me. I’m anticipating 22 or 23 minutes will be our time. Who knows? Not great but this is a training run. It would be easy not run and wait until I got back into better shape but that’s not me. Ready or not- here I come!

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